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    Just One

    if you had to give a NON ELVIS FAN just one c.d./l.p. to listen to, to try and convert him or her what would it be?please just list ONE

    mine would be AMERICAN CROWN JEWELS absolute perfection. if you dont own this c.d. do yourself a MASSIVE favour and buy it NOW

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    Just One

    If I were going to get someone an Elvis CD or album I think I'd choose either "Aloha From Hawaii"....absolute perfection there, or "Can't Help Falling In Love-The Hollywood Hits" has lots of great tunes on it.

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    I'd give them the Suspicous Minds 2 cd set. Not sure if it's an Aussie only release.

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    Let's say, memphis live 1974
    Old Times they are not forgotten

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    The new genre disc, 'Elvis Live'.
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    I would say, Elvis from Memphis. Chances are a non EP fan only heard a couple tracks from this brilliant CD, yet the whole CD is just incredible, raw and different, not to mention, a terrific variety of songs!

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    1957 Elvis' Christmas Album the sheeer versatility shines out.

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    Elvis: Artist of the Centruy. 2 CD set. This is such an underrated release, its the one decent thing RCA have done in years of awfull greatest hits compliations.

    I´ll bring her or him the entire 4 cd set, but if youre talkin about just one thing the 2Cd sample release is just perfect for this task.

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    the 2nd to none cd. why? cause thats what made me a fan. i did not like elvis before i became a fan, and i was hooked immediately after listening to that cd just once

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    I would give them either The Hampton Roads Concert or Afternoon In The Garden.

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    Got to go with From Elvis in Memphis (or the Suspicious Minds 2-cd set).

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    Alot of 'non elvis' fans tend to think of Elvis as a caricature, too highly polished, jumpsuits, lip curl etc.. I think sometimes you have to show them his funny side to highlight the very human side of him as well as his immence talent. So I would have to go for the 'Cut Me And I Bleed' cd.

    This has been proven to work on my friends who just were not into Elvis at all. They thought the cd was hilarious but also acknowledged his voice. It even had a very extended play in a Family Pub owned by a friend and went down a storm (obviously no children were present ). It made me laugh as to how many people were asking for it to be played again, as they couldn't believe it was Elvis Presley. (I have to add that one of the people who was desperate for a copy, was a Marilyn Manson fan who was bowled over by 'Beach Shack' of all things ! )
    Needless to say that cd opened some eyes and ears and even got them interested in Elvis' music in general. So humour can indeed break down pre-conceptions and remove the eye blinkers to non elvis fans.
    (or maybe I just have some weird friends !! )

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    The VERY first Elvis album I ever heard when I was about 5 years old, and the one that instantly made me the lifelong Elvis fan that I am today, is the TODAY album!!

    I think it is just a well-rounded album with some fine rockers (T-R-O-U-B-L-E), some outstanding ballads (PIECES OF MY LIFE, BRINGIN' IT BACK) and a few contemporary cover tunes (SUSAN WHEN SHE TRIED, FAIRYTALE, I CAN HELP) and a touch of R & B (SHAKE A HAND) thrown in for good measure!!

    Personally, I think it's an album that could show any non-Elvis fan just what they have been missing all these years!!


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    Memphis '74 or The Greensboro '72 Concert !
    "How do I get placed in situations like this? Ah hell, I guess it's all part of showbusiness "~ Elvis in his limo on his way to perform in Omaha, NE on June 19th 1977

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