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Thread: Alternate cover for the upcoming FTD 'Unchained Melody'

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    Alternate cover for the upcoming FTD 'Unchained Melody'

    Just for fun I had a go at making an alternate front cover for the upcoming FTD CD 'Unchained Melody', using the same photo

    Here is my attempt (2 variations)

    (The cutouts were done very quickly, so the hairline could have been a little bit better).

    Anyway, there it is.

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    Hi Ron,

    This really was only a quick attempt, if I was doing it for a complete design I would have of course spent more time on the cut out, border measurements (which I didn't measure out at all for this example), stuff like that.

    I even used the same Elvis font which I made for the Memphis Sessions cover, not to mention the same colour scheme so the whole design isn't exactly something that new from me.

    It got potential though I think, but don't expect to see the complete set of alternate covers for this disc from me anytime soon as I have no plans to do a complete design for it, but it was fun to put this front together.

    'What, honey ? ..... one scarf for the balcony ?! ........... OK ........... gimme a baseball ! ............ there's no way unless you put a rock in it'.

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    Wow love the looks of this one too!!!!! Great Dovey
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    As I said in another thread, while I think the picture choice shows some artwork creativity (for a change) on FTD's part, I thought that they should have done something a little flashier with his name and the CD, you've taken care of that for them!!!



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    I really like this spin-out. You definitley made this cover stand out more!
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    Nothing wrong with using your own ideas more than once of course, but not as satisfying to me to simply duplicate the same thing over again as it is to try and do something a bit different each time.

    That said, I think this cover here is still very different to the Memphis Sessions one, even though I did use the same Elvis logo and colour scheme. Just that if I were going to do the whole cover properly I may have prefered to make it even more different if you know what I mean.

    Regarding the new website, sure there's gonna be something new on it when it relaunches, but your hopes of 4 new covers is a little bit too optimistic

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    Totally agree with Ron. So many good ideas around here, and many of them introduced by you, Mark.

    So, why don't use the same idea twice? If you put it into a new graphic context, it won't be the same thing anyway.

    But be assured, you are not the only one who is kept away form creating new designs by this vexing craving for novelty.

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    Looks much improved as compared to the design FTD is using w/o a doubt

    When can we see the rest of it
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