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    Post Cover Art Unchained Melody

    Here is the cover art for the upcoming Follow That Dream release "Unchained melody" which is due for release January 2007. It contains a soundboard recording from an Elvis' concert in Charlotte, North Carolina on February 20,...

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    As this photo snapped by Keith Alverson is a favorite of mine and from this tour, I have no complaints. Sometimes simpler is better. won't forget me when I go.

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    Looks like another fine cd already in need of better artwork.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unchained View Post
    I wish they would give it the 7" treathment. Would not matter much to me if they use this picture on the front but think I would prefer seeing a good stage picture myself and maybe this one on the inside.
    The 7"treatment is only for re-releases. And I think they should stick with that. Now we have the digipack format for the other FTD releases.

    Horrible cover by the way. Elvis look very bad on that picture and (like with many other pictures from that period) you can see the grey hair starting. A bad forseight in retrospection.
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    Horrible? That's a bit strong IMO. I can't think of many better candid photos from '77 (not that it has to be a candid--just making a point), and I think it's great regardless.

    The cover is lacking action, yes, and I can see thinking it needs a more typical concert CD treatment.

    But that's what he looked like then and I think the photo, which was taken in Montgomery on Feb. 15, really captured his charm, his spirit. As we all know he is not in good health and didn't have long to live, but at that moment in time we see his very recognizable boyish grin and he looks happy. For me this is a photo to be enjoyed.

    I think that's a big part of the thrill in finding great photos from Elvis' final year: to see slivers of time in which it appears that he is happy, maybe even somewhat healthy. You put all these slivers together and you throw in some audio and video evidence, and stories told by people who where there, and a picture is painted of a man who, though troubled and in a premature state of decline, was not depressed (and stoned) out of his mind every waking minute. He hadn't lost his soul. If he did, he couldn't have performed songs like Unchained Melody and Where No One Stands Alone. He did have an injured soul though, and it could be argued that performances like those above were actually enhanced by that.

    I know I'm digressing big-time.

    I guess part of the appeal to me is also in that it is not a concert shot. What's wrong with a concert shot? Nothing. But...
    - they are a dime a dozen (you know what I mean);
    - they were on nearly every album from the seventies, including studio albums, so this just represents a refreshing departure in that regard;
    - its being a candid shot makes it somehow more personal which to me is appropriate because his shows during this time did seem more personal in some way (part of the whole '77 appeal thing that many don't appreciate and is difficult to articulate), and because he only had months to live;
    - the jumpsuits weren't as flattering when he was heavier and so he looked a lot better in his casual attire;
    - he also seemed more human when not in a flamboyant jumpsuit.

    Gray hair? Well, this being a collector's label, that sort of thing seems very appropriate for an FTD release. This is Elvis '77, gray roots and all.

    Of course they'll probably end up changing the cover on me. won't forget me when I go.

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    Certainly a CD I look forward to getting.

    By the way, I couldn't resist having a go at a quick alternate front cover for this one using the same photo (below)

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    OK, so here we have evidence that supports both that it could have been done better like you guys think and that a nice cover could be made with this photo. Nice work, Mark. won't forget me when I go.

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    Great design Mark

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    I agree with Lonnie. I like the cover. But like its been said, that is Elvis and how he looked at that particular time. The picture is one of my favorite candids. It's simple, but effective imo.
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    I think the cover is OK,because we all know how his health was at that time and for that health i think he look OK on this photo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonniebealestreet View Post

    As this photo snapped by Keith Alverson is a favorite of mine and from this tour, I have no complaints. Sometimes simpler is better.
    Gotta agree with you once again buddy!!

    As I have said before, there are much less flattering photos of Elvis from '77 floating around out there (such as the back cover photo from SPRING TOURS '77), so for FTD to choose this photo, I think it really shows that they are trying to be more creative with their artwork (at least a little bit!)

    And don't forget....there is plenty of space inside the cover, under the CD tray, and on the back cover for our customary '77 concert shots to appear!!

    If this is the final artwork though, I wish FTD would have done something a little more flashy with his name and the CD title...

    But overall, I think it's a great and UNIQUE photo to use on the front cover....VERY DIFFERENT and unexpected!!


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