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Thread: Songs Elvis recordedin Studio but should have done Live on stage.

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    Lightbulb Songs Elvis recordedin Studio but should have done Live on stage.

    Hi friends !

    Thought it be cool to do your list of songs Elvis recorded studio but would of been so darn cool to hear him do live on stage .

    1. It's only Love
    2. Where do I go from here
    3. Fool
    4. I Got Lucky
    5. How the Web was Wovenan actual live version not the doctored up version from TTWII)
    6. Let us Pray
    7. Change of Habit
    8. The Sound of your Cry
    9. My Wish Came true
    10. It's your Baby you Rock it

    ......... just a few I would of liked to hear in concert, which ones would of been yours ?

    Thanks Everyone
    .the image is one thing and the human being is's very hard to live up to an image......................

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    Well, there are dozens of great tracks that he should have tried on his live shows, but to name a few:

    "His Lattest Flame". This could have been a great sounding live number, seems that ELvis forgot about this classic.

    "Feel So Bad". This one was a perfect song for the TCB band, totally in the C.C. Rider groove.

    "A Mess of BLues". What happend with this one, great to add some climax to a show. I like this for the Aloha show.

    "Dont". We have seen Elvis doing "Love Me" or "Are You Lonesome Tonight" so many times, but "Dont" was perfect for those moments of his show to.

    "Santa Claus Is Back In Town". Great for those near Christmas shows during the last part of his carrer.

    Ill post some more latter on, cheers.

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    indescribably blue, power of my love, wearing that loved on look, thrill of your love, so close yet so far from paradise, charro ( i like the chord changes James would have had fun with it), mess of blues, feel so bad, like a baby, little less conversation, guitar man (not 68 special version)
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    Good topic...I've always thought there are so many songs he could have sang on stage, especially in the seventies!

    Power Of My Love, Pieces Of My Life, The Sound Of Your Cry, The Last Farwell, Talk About The Good Times, Indescribably Blue, (Marie's the Lame) His Latest Flame, I Got A Feelin' In My Body and many many others

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    Way Down, For the Heart

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    wouldn't elvis do some new songs from moody blue in the august 1977 tour?
    songs like blue eyes crying in the rain or the last farewell??
    does somebody know this???

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    Songs, Elvis should have sung live

    Oh man, there are quite a few ones, Elvis should have sung live. I would have liked to hear:

    Elvis on piano:

    01) You'll Never Walk Alone
    02) I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
    03) Where Do You Come From

    Movie songs:

    01) Viva Las Vegas
    02) Bossa Nova Baby
    03) Charro


    01) Too Much
    02) King Creole
    03) Peace In The Valley

    1970's songs:

    01) Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
    02) Loving Arms
    03) For The Heart

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    Power of my love
    from a jack to a king
    i beg of you
    change of habit
    blue eyes crying in the rain
    way down
    king creole
    put your hand in the hand
    "Don't Forget me Baby,all you got to do is call"

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    to do live in the 70's,
    Little egypt
    I washed my hands in muddy water.
    Blue Moon,- would have been interesting to see how differant from the original.
    When my blue moon turns to gold again.

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