i can count 5 shows of 36 that i saw that i would say are excellent shows, and they are, anaheim 73[EXC3ELLENT SHOW FROM BEGINNING TO END A TIGHT SHOW], TERRA HAUTE 75[A VERY GOOD PERFORMANCE ELVIS WAS IN A GREAT MOOD] , DAYTON 76[A **************** FINE SHOW INDEED, HE WAS REALLY WITH IT], DALLASSS 76[THIS SHOW WAS THE BEST, he came out of the wings with a huge smile and was shaking his leg uncontrolably through cc.... and the noise you hear like a shot gun is only the piano top slamming, it even caught E.P. off guard] charollette 77[a reaonably good show, although he started to slow down even more[not much banter with the audience].