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Thread: The Elvis Information Network is back with a new website.

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    The Elvis Information Network is back with a new website.

    Hi Gang,
    You may have seen this elsewhere yesterday but just in case . . .


    The Award winning Elvis Information Network is back! @

    EIN?s new and improved website will provide Elvis fans with access to a diverse, thoughtful and unbiased range of in-depth articles, interviews, news and reviews.

    In the past EIN has obtained exclusive and award winning interviews, as well as provided stimulating debates in the Elvis World. The new EIN will continue this service as well as concentrate on thoughtful journalism designed to complement other Elvis web-sites, rather than compete in the same marketplace.

    For 15 years EIN has been the largest National Australian Fan Club and has supplied a wealth of Elvis knowledge to its members. Each year EIN answers thousands of questions for inquiring Elvis Fans.

    Check out the new EIN right now for some fascinating new interviews, exclusive news for our Australian readers and more:

    * An interview with Elaine Dundy the author of ?Elvis & Gladys?.
    Ms Dundy not only wrote the award-winning Elvis book but has also had an incredibly glamorous and interesting life with a close circle of fascinating friends such as Ernest Hemmingway & Marilyn Monroe!

    * Exclusive news on the TCB Band?s return to Australia.

    * Reviews of ?Elvis at Sun? plus both the new ?Aloha? & ?68 Comeback? DVDs
    Please note that the website is new and will be expanded with more features over the coming weeks.

    Please add it to your list of favourites and let us know what you would like to see at EIN - all feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    We would like to thank everyone who offered us help in setting up a new website and also to all our supporters who urged us to go back on-line. It is a real thrill to know that all our hard work is appreciated.

    Bookmark us at

    There is no shop attached to the new EIN website, so it is purely for the love of Elvis and to help keep his flame burning bright.

    Looking forward to your visit
    ? Nigel Patterson & Piers Beagley.

    EIN - "Connecting fans in the Elvis world"

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    Many thanks for these news, Piers! Great site. I love it very much.
    Good luck!
    'My music is why I was put on this earth' Elvis Presley

    Elvis from Russia

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    That sounds good Piers. I will have a good look this weekend at your new site

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    All right Ok you win ! Congratulations ....and thanks for the information ....

    I'll be back !


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    Elvis Information Network

    Thanks for the info.

    them ain't tactics honey, it's just the beast in me !!

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