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Thread: Elvis at Christmas.

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    Elvis at Christmas.

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    That definatley says elvis live lol we wish. this is not at a hotel but there are somethings going on in the uk.

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    Thanks elvislady,LOL. Nice list of events.

    I did a search on for Elvis Christmas 2006 events and found dozens, all around the world.

    Also came across this interesting little piece on page nine:

    "Nov 17 2006 Elvis at 21: Photos by Alfred Werthheimer + talk by Chris Murray, Owner of Govinda Gallery
    Mr. Murray is the editor of the book Elvis at 21 Washington DC Harvard Club of Washington DC "

    Things a looking up:-)

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    Hey, I've been a good little big boss man this year, so can I have the girl put in my stocking this Christmas!
    "Don't tamper with the property of the U.S. Male"

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    Big Boss Man, Considering the great work you do for us all on TCB Radio. Of course you can have your Christmas stocking filled ......have you only one stocking?...............I'm a generous Santa

    This christmas will be our 49 Elvis Christmas playing this Album!

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