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Thread: Elvis adrenaline

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    Elvis adrenaline

    Anyone saw this dvd? What is your impretion of it?

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    i saw that dvd and i must say the picture quality is great BUT the footage on this DVD was known for a long time on a VCD called Through the Years VOL 1.
    So , this release didn`t give me any "adrenaline".
    And also for so less adrenaline is the price very high.
    But i must also say that you get good quality stuff. If you want to pay that price go ahead. If you have the VCD and the quality is okay for you, let it.
    They do plan to release a vol 2 with stuff from 1971. Which sounds in my ears very interessing.

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    My personal opinion is that you cannot compare a VCD to any DVD for quality.
    So I say buy the DVD, The price is no worse than any of these special DVD's on the market today. I have vol 1 of Adrenaline and Vol 2 will be added to my collection also. Same with the Behind The Image set of DVD's. In my opinion, must haves for any serious collector.
    But like Susan says, If you like the VCD quality then that's all well and good. There are many interesting things and interviews that accompany these DVD's that are NOT on the VCD mentioned.
    The great thing is being a fan and buying what interests you or is in your budget. I stopped collecting everything years ago and I pick and choose the products that appeal to me. We should all do the same...
    But I still got an adrenaline rush watching Elvis walk onto the stage in the Adrenaline DVD. But then I always do....
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    The price of adrenaline is not high it?s the cheapest release so far with 29,95 it beats in price ed bonja, tunzi hot clips and all the others by miles.The material was never released on dvd and this vcd was an homemade "import" which was never available anywhere!
    If you see the "making of" then you see that the production cost of a product like this is ten times higher than this homemade stuff. That makes it even cheaper.

    For me a great release for a great price and i can?t wait vol.2
    Beside the fantstic material there is a fantastic documentary.

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    I have the ADRENALINE in my collection and I think it is a very well done DVD. I didn't know the footage and I found it interesting to watch. If every Vegas - Year was covered that way, it would be perfect.

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    This is a great dvd to have for any Elvis fan I think. I have both '70 and '71 and they contain some excellent footage captured by an 8mm camera I would suggest getting it if you don't already have it .
    "How do I get placed in situations like this? Ah hell, I guess it's all part of showbusiness "~ Elvis in his limo on his way to perform in Omaha, NE on June 19th 1977

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