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Thread: "That the way it is sp ed"

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    "That the way it is sp ed"

    Last night i put on this dvd movie of that's the way it is sp ed.

    frist time i saw this dvd since i got this dvd 4 years ago, so since there was nothing on and starting injoying this movie, and what a movie,

    Elvis looks Fantastic,and the show was also Fantastic, only wished they put in I just can't help believin in the movie.

    they said in movie they filmed over 6 live show durning that month,

    so now i hope they put out the complete that's the way it iis on dvd.

    i mean the whole deal the concert and the rehearsal.

    and now i am playing the 5 vinyl box set i have called that's they way it is
    sp ed, just like the cd.

    And all i have to say to all of this is! FANTASTIC
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