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Thread: Your 1st 78, LP, CD, EP and Single

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    Your 1st 78, LP, CD, EP and Single

    I find this topic very interesting.
    What was your first Elvis records in your collection?
    Your 1st 78, LP, CD, EP and Single.
    The younger fans wouldn't have 78's unless their parents give some to them.

    My first single was Suspicious Minds,
    1st LP album was Elvis sings Flaming Star,
    1st EP was Jailhouse Rock on orange label,
    1st CD was King Creole with extra tracks.

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    Hounddog/Don't Be Cruel 78RPM on the HMV Label. 1957 6 shillings and Eight pence (Old Money when there was 240 pence to the pound sterling)
    Elvis Christmas Album 1957
    Love Me Tender EP 1957
    Amazing Grace CD set 1997.

    Cassette tapes?

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    When I was 7 years old I got a Mickey Mouse portable record player with a copy of the lp Elvis Golden Records Vol 1 for xmas.I cant recall any details when I got the others.

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    Hey Friends, my very first Single was "DEVIL IN DISQUISE"
    first E.P. "LOVE IN LAS VEGAS"
    and my first Album "GOLDEN RECORDS VOL:3
    I can remember, that?s a friend gave me to years before the Single"ONE NIGHT"
    as a gift.

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    my first LP Was "A Legendary performer Volume one" after that volume two buy in 1977 or 1978
    Single It was The Collector's gold Set Singles buy in 1977 or 1978
    And E.P. Was The Special edtion Sets From UK in 1982
    my first Cassette was 1968 TV Special I buy that 1978, I had hunt that one down, It's was Best buy Series one plus I buy LP at Sometime and first CD was Elvis forever from Pair's Label buy in 1987
    I had my aunt's Lps for year before I by my first Elvis Music
    that's was fall of 1976.
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    Never bought a 78 recording of Elvis. My first LP was As Recorded at Madison Square Garden. Never been much of 45 buyer, but I have hand-me-down singles of Elvis, and also EPs.

    The first CD purchase was From Elvis Presley Boulevard.
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    45 Heartbreak hotel / ep Such a Night/ lp G I Blues/cd On stage. brought cause the hire car had a cd player on my first trip to idea at the time.I still have all my vinyl packed away havent the heart to bin them .I sure most are unplayable as I remember having to put coins on the needle to stop the jumps.

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    I don't have any Elvis 78's, 45 was an EP Blue Elvis, LP possibly Flaming Star, tape/s i boguht two at the same time: Elvis In Memphis and Elvis Country first single was Way Down/Pledging My Love and Are You Lonesome Tonight (laughing version)/Datin (outake) also bought two singles at the same time. to be honest i don't remember what my first Elvis CD was.
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