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Thread: Elvis Presley-In concert. (the new concert tour)

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    Elvis Presley-In concert. (the new concert tour)

    The concert has been touring Australia in the past week and it hits my city tomorrow night. Im going, of course, and i can't wait =] , but i wanted to see if anyone had been to the event before, or even if you are going to it tomorrow in Sydney, and any thoughts or opinions you have on it..
    Here are a few links, the first of the official website, and the second is acer arena's website-where you can check out the ad for the concert:

    Thank you for your thoughts in advance =]

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    manelens,I saw the original Elvis Concert in Memphis 1997 and then in Ireland a couple of times. It's a heartwarming experience. Audiences just cannot contain themselves.....Elvis got a standing ovation!

    You will enjoy it!

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    Don't worry there wil be plenty of youngsters to keep you company...maybe a few great grandpas too:-)

    Try and get a few good photos and maybe even autographs.....there will not be many more chances.

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