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Thread: elvis jewish heritage

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    elvis jewish heritage
    some intresting info.

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    This is very intresting info.
    I never heard of this before.
    Some of you all never been down South too much...
    I'm gonna tell you a little story, so you'll understand where I'm talking about

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    "So it came to pass, having been cast upon the world wide web, Schmelvisers have found they are now being recognized by search engines such as Yahoo, Web-crawler, and

    Coined just days ago, the word Schmelvisers is displayed quite brazenly on an increasing number of web pages. Jonathan Goldstein and Max Wallace the authors of, "Schmelvis", should take a bow.

    Did they not go in search of Elvis even unto Graceland and the deep south? Where woe were they, for little did they discover there to further their ambition. The people in Dixie - land were too warm and friendly for the city slickers.

    Undaunted did they not travel to the land of their ancestors? Where, Lo and behold, there was plenty of room at the Elvis Inn!

    Schmelvisers wherever they travel, even unto the large statue of Elvis in Israel, find the great tribe of Elvis fans, inhabit the lands of every continent.

    Like Schmelvisers, they come from all walks of life, but outnumber them by millions! It does not take an Einstein to point out, Elvis Presley's place as, "The Stand alone Icon of the Century", is now quite unassailable.

    Hear Elvis's beautiful version of, "The Bosom of Abraham" on the, "Amazing Grace", CDs. "

    An old press release. Schmelvisers are out there...expose them on sight

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    I've read this particular article before. Gladys could very well have been Jewish and American Indian as far as her looks went. Vernon looked Irish and possibly more Indian. Just my observation.....

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    I read in larry geller's book , If I can dream, that Gladys' grandmother was Jewish
    and I love you so..people ask me I've lived 'till now

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    You are right MissClawdy Dovey
    Get Him, get him~~Hot D*** ~~ he's a Squirrel!

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