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    I was reading the early Elvis magazine way back in the distant past there must have been more than 600 printed since then? Not to mention the Specials:-)

    I never subscribed as they were available in newsagents so I did miss quite a few. Nevertheless they and the TV Radio and general press kept us informed of Elvis news when we were busy raising our children. Then all the books started appearing and our Elvisology grew apace.

    I read the tit bits offered to us by Elvis scholars on message boards and appreciate their grasp of times and dates of Elvis's recording sessions and concerts. Some inform us modestly, and rightly so.

    The photos on this Forum are a treasure!

    Our collection Of Elvis records back in the 50s contained a lot of the HMV 78s and the Albums including the 10 inch "Loving You" and quite a number of EPs.

    During bad times we sold them! Replaced them with the RCA versions and sold them too!!! Collected them again and sold them again.

    Yes we collected them AGAIN and have quite a stack of Elvis vinyl, cassettes and CDs

    We also collect classical music and other popular artists so music including upright and grand pianos, violins, violas, and guitars over the decades has cost us a small fortune. Now in our mid 60s brain cells are dying and all our Elvisology is becoming increasingly difficult to recall.

    Ask me a question and I consult my Elvis library or search google. Or ask a few guys here on the Internet. Sharing is caring.

    So let this be a warning to a few pompous Elvis scholars who like to talk down to us mere mortals they will age, brain cells will die and they too and will have to rely on decent and modest Elvis fans reminding them of Elvis' greatest moments!!!

    Ok folks start writing your Elvis Diary will need it for future Elvis message boards:-)

    But in the end it is only the music that matters. The handful of Ludwig Van Beethoven biographies have been quite enought to satisfy me and I'm a huge fan of his beautiful and exciting music!

    By the way Dolores Hart, now Sister Dolores Hart a Prioress in an Abbey in Bethlehem Connecticut sends us a card at Christmas.
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