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Thread: Me And A Guy Named Elvis-Jerry Schilling

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    I really enjoyed it. I think the fact that he doesn't claim to have been there for every pivotal moment in Elvis' life is actually a strength and lends some believability to his account. It is as much a book about Jerry's life as Elvis and that's ok too. After all, plenty of rather dull people publish memoires. Here we have a guy who grew up around Elvis, hung out briefly with the Beatles, and was part of the management team for Billy Joel and The Beach Boys. An interesting life I'd say. We don't get any revelations about Elvis, but again why would we? Any book published now that claims to offer something new and profound about the man's character is probably one which is being economical with the truth.

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    I thought it was a very poor book...i liked the story on chuck berry tho.

    Over all he"d seem to be keeping things back.

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    This was the first Elvis book I bought to read. Before this, I had mostly read the interviews in various webpages (EIN, my favorite one!) I liked it because he didn't seem to have an agenda/issues. It wasn't as deep as the Guralnick books, but then what is? At first I was a bit miffed because it was talking about his own life, but then he wasn't really with Elvis every single day of Elvis' life. He moved away from Elvis several times & just didn't know what was going on during those times. I did enjoy it. I'll probably reread it in the future.

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    The book was bought as a gift for me, and I found it a bit boring. In fact, after several months I have not been able to finish the book. I will probably just skip around and read about key parts that can hold my attention.

    Around the same time, I received Peter Ames-Carlin's bio of the Beach Boy's Brian Wilson, and it was fascinating. Finished that in a matter of days. I wish the Schilling book had been as interesting.
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    The Schilling book also was giving to me as a present, and I must say I liked it a lot.
    It was interesting to read about Jerry's background and he provides us also with a nice view of those early days in Memphis.

    Yes, he does not go into detail on certain "touchy" subjects, but still there is enough fun stuff to find in this book!

    But it's a nice read And he truly was a friend, and Elvis considered him his friend, that's for sure.


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    Jerry Schilling has managed to do what several Memphis Mafia guys couldn't do, show class and respect towards Elvis. I have yet to purchase this book, but I will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Car View Post
    Jerry Schilling has managed to do what several Memphis Mafia guys couldn't do, show class and respect towards Elvis. I have yet to purchase this book, but I will.
    I couldnt have put it any better myself. i have read the book and thats exactly what jerry sown in the book.

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    I just got the book last week and have not read it.. but I am hoping that it is a little interesting... I have still never finished Colenal Parker's Book.... that book I can not get interested in Dovey
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    I think its a great read and very respectful. A lot of books I just wouldn't even bother with but i'm glad I read this one, I have read better books but I still enjoyed it and you do read quite a bit about Jerry's life as well but I kinda like that as you can then connect to both sides of the coin,Jerry's and Elvis.
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    I'm halfway through the book and I find it's written quite nicely, so far!
    Jerry does a nice job of showing the fun side of Elvis!

    He shows a lot of respect towards Elvis and their friendship!
    It's also great to learn some new things about Jerry...


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