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Thread: »Show ‘em, son.«

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    »Show ‘em, son.«

    The next one of my TOP 50:

    I do not remember when I buy the #40 album Clambake that was release in Oktober 1967. But I remember that I play the openinig song about a swinging little Guitar Man again and again.

    I think when Elvis first heard Guitar Man on the radio, he immendiately decided that this first-person fable of life in the music business was perfect for him. But as Elvis want to recording the song on September 10, 1967 in the RCA Studio B in Nashville there was a big problem for him. Nobody could duplicate the fantastic guitar sound of its author Jerry Reed.

    So Reed was asked to disturb his fishing trip and join the band in the studio. Elvis or his producer Felton Jarvis decided that the best way to match the original was that Reed plays the guitar himself. The famous country singer-songwriter was whisked in the studio and he famously observed that »Elvis looked so good I wished I was a woman.« Elvis himself said: »Lord have mercy, what is that?«

    Reed managed it to took over the session and he explaining that they would kill themselves trying to do all the guitar work at once. Elvis never worked with a musician inspirational and just plain different since Leiber and Stoller. He was so enthusiasm that he won’t stop this moment of recording! He invites Reed: »Show ‘em, son.« Elvis segued into a burst of What’d I Say, so keen was he to keep the momentum going.

    Great version with Jerry Reed and Tom Jones:

    The single Guitar Man/High Heel Sneakers (47-9425) was released on January 1968 and sadly does only the #43 in the US POP Single Charts.

    Guitar Man become more associated with Elvis when it became a theme for his TV special in 1968. It was in parts a little rewritten to make it even more relevant to Elvis’s life. Strangely, he have not sung it when he returned to live performances. I think this is because he decided no one could match Reed’s guitar work.

    There is a fantastic version of the song remixed Elvis’s vocal with a new band that produced Felton Jarvis four years after Elvis’s dead. The new technology did enable Jerry Reed to produce a startling guitar solo and the single with the song knocked the Bellamy Brothers off the number one spot in the country charts. In the US POP Single Charts it only goes to #28.

    Listen to this hard-rocking live version from Jerry Reed’s album Alabama Wild Guitar Man (1995) and the dialogue at the beginning!

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