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Thread: elvis his dead

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    elvis his dead

    Hello friends

    I'd like to know from you who think that elvis murded himself or that it was an accident or natural

    many greets from Dave

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    but do you think it was natural or because of the drugs

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    yeah right....and the pope wears wooden shoes.... please read the book ?Death Of Elvis? by Charles Thompson, that means if you can handle the truth.Elvis was a prescription-drug addict. He even took some hard stuff like cocaine, but didnt like that. If you read the book, you got the idea of watching a horror movie. Very sad.....

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    hello friends

    first of all i'd liked to tell you i know that it was prescribed drugs he took and some experiments with hard drugs but i've heard in an interview with David Stanley about the autophsy after his dead and there where many pills in his body that he normally took over 3 days,so in that fact you can see that he knew what he was doing and he know that he was going to die with al those he died not naturally.
    Thanks for al you reactions

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    ofcourse writers can write anything they want. But this book took al long time of investigation, talking to doctors who?ve been there at the time of Elvis? authopsie. And they had their hands on official papers that stated that Elvis took an huge amount of pills on the very last day of his life. If you want an answer, just read the book.

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    yeah but you know elvis took a long time this stuff and many pills.but then he took more of it an from all of his pills so you have to use it a longer time i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by elvis himselvis View Post
    I'd like to know from you who think that elvis murded himself
    I've never heard of anyone murding themself... I'd be interested to see what it involves

    Sorry dave...just kidding my friend

    I honestly feel there's no way Elvis would intentionally murder / committ suicide. Even though he was a prisoner of his own self-destructive perscription drugs, he still held religous beliefs that he knew would not call or go along with something of this nature.

    In essence he did kill himself I suppose, but he believed in his mind that he was only using "medicine" and it was harmless. As we all know, sadly - he was wrong.
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    I totally agree he believed what he was doing was harmless. I think he realized at the end that he'd been wrong when he heard about the Wests and Heber's book. I think it totally depressed him because he'd been preaching against drugs for years and then realized he was a victim too. Wish he had had the chance to live longer. Hopefully then he would have found the strength to quit. One very good thing everyone can say about Elvis is that he never caused any of his young fans to take up drugs unlike a lot of other entertainers of the time. The only one he unknowingly hurt was himself.

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    i agree with both of you but i think he had lost his hope in a longer life without pain and took to much on that day
    maybe he knew what he was doing(what i think)because of that much pills he had in his body.
    very sad but it is a good man

    Elvis the King

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    Elvis only had presciption drugs in his body when he died ,but they were prescribed by a mad man. Dr nichopolous was prescribing drugs to Elvis as if they were candy. Elvis was on some prety hard stuff toward the end and and the toxiclogy reports show most of them to be at a much higer dose than theraputic. Elvis was the greatest rock and roll singer ever but he was a prescription drug addict.

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    Why did Elvis play racket ball the day before if he knew his health was that bad to cause an heart attack? Any one with bad heart would not do too much exercise. Elvis did try some drugs during his career and may be he made a mistake taking the wrong drug. Who knows?

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