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    Forgive me if some of you have already seen this footage but I saw it yesterday and I found it very moving.
    It is Larry Geller at the Dolan house and he talks about Elvis in the most wonderful way.
    Very fascinating-

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    thats a really nice footage joanne thanks for sharing it.

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    That was a great clip! Thanks, joanne for posting it!

    I know Larry wasn't very popular with the MM, but I was wondering if any of them have become friends' with Larry over the years?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Leroy
    I'm not sure but I'm afraid not. I can't speak for guys like Sam Thomson or Dick Grob, who were of another kind than the original clan.
    I do know there was a lot of bad blood between Larry and the others like Red, Sonny and Joe, mainly because Larry was able to share something with Elvis the others couldn't. They also had the feeling their "toy" was taken away. Although most people will go through a personal growth I do not count these boys as that type of men.
    Larry would still outrank them.
    Well said!
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    Thanks for posting Joanne, but I could not get it open... I am a big fan of Larry Geller and believe that he was a true friend of Elvis'. Sure wish I could watch it but... I am sure it is good... Thanks dovey

    (Your posts are always very interesting and I thank you for posting them)
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    Thank you Joanne. I was able to watch the clip but my speakers were acting up again so no sound. I'm sure Larry had some good things to say.

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