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Thread: Suspicious Minds - The Memphis Anthology

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    Suspicious Minds - The Memphis Anthology

    Hi friends, i'm working on a new cover for the suspicious minds (2cd). this is what the front will look like, The front-cover still need some edeting as you you can see on the bigger file.....the insert is almost finished, but still on the hunt for some original scans of the lp's ( from the from elvis in memphis lp's)...can someone help me out? hope you like it so far... btw. the elvis in the 90's logo is created by unchained designs!!! wich hewill be credit for on the final design, thx Ron!
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    Hello Patrick,

    This is a beautiful design!! I don't know how you think up these wonderful creations.

    I thank you for showing this one already! I love the color of the background!

    Will wait for finished one



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