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Thread: New picture to me!

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    New picture to me!

    Im always looking for new pictures of Elvis and I am always happy to find one that I have never seing before.This one is new to me.You can tell that his hair was already gray,but he still looks good to me.Beautiful eyes!

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    Nice photo! I never seen this one either. I can see what you're talking about with the gray hair, cute. A nd he's making a cute face!

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    This one was taken in Roanoke, August 2, 1976.


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    He always looked beautiful.

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    Nice pic.! Elvis seems surprised. As if he is thinking: Hu? What on earth is there going on. LOl.

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    Great photo! We are not actually seeing his gray hair there though; that is just the light reflecting off his blue-black-dyed hair.

    However I have seen several photos from this period in which he went a little too long between dye jobs and you can see some considerable regrowth that appears to be white in his sideburns and temples. You can probably find some in the Gallery.

    It would be neat to see what it looked like if he had actually let it go natural...but perhaps he didn't want to because we already had a Charlie Rich!

    Hey, speaking of him, is the new FTD out yet? Looking forward to hearing The Most Beautiful Girl.
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    Nice pic!!!And he's beautiful ,as always....
    and I love you so..people ask me I've lived 'till now

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    His hair may not be gray in that photo, but his sideburns, do show gray.

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    i?m sorry friends, but i dont think its a great pic....he looks ill to me and pictures like this makes me sad...

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