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Thread: What music do you compile for a non fan ?

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    Cool What music do you compile for a non fan ?

    Bobby asked this rhetorical question, "What music do you compile for a non fan ?" as I had mentioned I had done this before.

    Well the great thing is it depends on what kind of music the other person likes: very broadly, Rock n Roll, Blues, Country and for want of a better word Sentimental and soft.

    I usually make a 6 to 10 song compilation if I know the attention span of the person....and then Elvis does the rest. I usually use the alternate takes apart from a very few "original masters" for eg "Long Black Limousine"-
    I will list a "Blues Demo CD " I made recently:

    Reconsider Baby
    Baby what you want me to do
    All I needed was the rain
    High heel sneakers
    Down in the Alley ( a 70's rehearsal)
    Hard Luck
    Big Boss Man
    Long Black Limousine
    One night of Sin
    Clean up your own backyard
    Stranger in myown hometown

    I also explain that some of these songs come form Elvis's admittedly "B movies"-

    Soft & Sentimental

    I'm falling in love tonight
    Anything thats part of you
    Love me tonight

    more to follow ....

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    I ones made a compilation rock and roll cd, for a good friend of mine. He is a real rock lover.

    Some of the songs I recorded were:

    Promised Land (alternate Platinum version)
    Way Down (alternate Platinum version)
    Polk Salad Annie (Vegas 1970 version)
    Raised On Rock
    Just A Little Bit
    Stranger In My Own Hometown (full blues version)
    Hound Dog (1969 version with intro)
    Rock Medley (1974 version)
    Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (longer version)

    And some others, that I don't remember right now.

    He liked the cd very much and it resulted in him joining me to visit Elvis The Concert for two times!


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    I put on a comp,bits of every type of music he did,ie,live,movies,country,rock n roll.etc.
    Keep away from the xmas stuff(if i do it over the summer)

    I"ve done a lot of these for people(non fan"s)and most have come back for more

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    I used to make compilations for people (those d*mn non-Elvis fans ), but nowadays I just turn up the volume some more when a good Elvis song is played.

    Most people already know the 'Teddy Bear / Don't be Cruel' Elvis. And most of them think that the Rock'n Roll Elvis died after the army, did lousy movies, was fat during the 70s and only had a couple of meaningfull hits during the 60s/70s.

    So I'd like to proof them wrong. I want to show them that that picture of Elvis (supported by EPE/BMG) is wrong. That Elvis did cut some amazing temporary tunes in the 60s and 70s, that he still rocked the hell out of some songs, that he kicked *** on stage and that no one recorded more beautiful ballads than Elvis during the 60s.

    So my list would look like this:
    • Stay Away (the tango version)
    • Steamroller Blues
    • Long Black Limousine
    • Wearing That Loved On Look
    • Any Day Now
    • How Great Thou Art (live version)
    • Never Been To Spain (MSG ?)
    • Trying To Get To You ('68)
    • The Impossible Dream (MSG)
    • Change Of Habits (yeah baby)
    • How Can You Loose What You've Never Had (I'm a sucker for this one)
    • It Feels So Right
    • Somebody Bigger Than You And I
    • Stand By Me
    • You Don't Know Me (Clambake version)
    • Hurt (live version?)
    • Jailhouse Rock ('69)
    • Like a Baby
    • We Can Make The Morning
    • Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
    If you're not turned in an Elvisfan after hearing this compilation, you must be either death or musically challenged
    ‎"A year from now, you'll wish you had started today"

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbgude
    I usually make a 6 to 10 song compilation if I know the attention span of the person....and then Elvis does the rest. jb
    Your right he does the rest

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