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Thread: New 'I Found My Thrill' FTD is fantastic!

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    New 'I Found My Thrill' FTD is fantastic!

    Did Elvis really sing "Does your chewing Gum loose its flavour on the bed-post overnight"? Should he have recorded Charlie Rich?s "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"? The answers are all here on this stunning new FTD. The set-list is a fascinating selection and Elvis is inspired & energetic. Best of all the bonus tracks are truly sensational!

    Just to give you a glimpse, 'Trying To Get To You' & 'My Baby Left Me' are the best live versions ever released!

    And the 'I Found My Thrill' medley is is fantastic. Starting with Elvis teasing the crowd with "Well, well well," he sings 30 seconds of, "When my blue moon turns to gold again" (Feb 9th) before he goes into some great one-liners. These include "Does your chewing Gum loose its flavour on the bed-post overnight" and "Blue Monday and my head is bad" is in there too! Audio restorer Jean-Marc Juilland has done a brilliant job compiling this clever medley, throwing in an amazing mix of Elvis fun. Including a few Blueberry Hills - "My Scarf Turns Blue" and "My Nose Turned Blue" lines, combining it with the "On Mockingbird Hill" version and "On Gooney-Bird Hill" too. Yes, of course it isn?t real, but it combines all those crazy lines that have been spread over several different audience-recordings and in fine quality too. Best of all, it does show how FTD can present all these hidden rarities to collectors in the future. It?s 5 1/2 minutes of sheer Elvis fun. More Please!

    Don?t miss out on this one.

    I have spent several late nights digging deep into this new CD - and on EIN is my ridiculously long 2,500 word review!
    Go here >>

    Hope you like it,

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    Great Review Ifmt

    fantastic review piers,what about love me tender and is james burtons guitar sound strong in the mix. i should get mine in the post anytime now, cant wait MANY THANKS

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    I am really looking forward to this cd!

    Have been hoping FTD would release something from Jan/Feb 74, and at last they have

    Thanks for the fine review Pier
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