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Thread: FECC and Censoring

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    FECC and Censoring

    Guys, this past few days the FECC team has been censoring some of the posts and even deleting some threads- without even explaining why they did it- not even the curtesy of a private message or to issue a warning that they don't like something.

    First they said it was because it was "carrying on a thread for no reason" then because it "did not belong on the All Elvis section" now even in the Off Topic section.....

    Apparently they are uncomfortable with some risque/ "double entendr?" ? (any Frenchies here to correct me? (h) )or puns in posts.All of it was done with good humour and certainly nothing vulgar : for eg " Sam, it aint no big thing, but its growing?" punning on a Elvis song is a "no go" for them.....

    Ofcourse they are the owners and they can do what they like,but all said and done I think I will quit the place, even though I reallylike the site and the many many friends "I gotta know" there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jbgude
    Guys, this past few days the FECC team has been censoring some of the posts and even deleting some threads- without even explaining why they did it- not even the curtesy of a private message or to issue a warning that they don't like something.
    Censorship can be good. For example, we (at TCB-World) don't like cursing. So if you feel like expressing your feeling by using words as f**k, then those words will be altered. If you post personal/private information about other members, it will be censored also.

    But we will always PM the person who's post will be censored. We also have a warningsystem, so that people that don't behave are getting warningpoints. And these persons are always getting informed, so that a ban won't come as a suprice. Until now we haven't had to warn anyone.

    The way FECC is running the board isn't the way I would run it. Also the fact that you don't know who is a moderator or who is the administrator isn't a thing that give you a thrustworthy feeling. Quit distant also. But hey, it's their board and that's the way they run it.

    What I also find weird is that some topics where people are really disrespectfull towards eachother, no moderator can be found, while in a topic where you mention Triangle (for example), your post get deleted and you can expect a ban (without knowing what you've done 'wrong'). So it's like measuring with two different values.

    Anyhow..... everyone is more than welcome here
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    Just another reason to choose TCB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Boss Man
    Just another reason to choose TCB.
    Yeah did that, only just browsing once in a while the FECC board, but somehow I find it boring

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    Yeah, ever since I left...

    Only kidding! I do poke my head in there every so often, and maybe post once a week, or something like that. Things are different though, I'll say that.

    In defense of their administrators, there was once a ridiculous thread going which was started by and centered around a person of dubious identity, who was basically causing trouble. This thread went on for something like 9 to 12 pages, I believe. And at one point some mud was slung at someone I care a lot about, and I contacted Claude about it, and they began deleting it. (On a side note, I wonder why they can't just easily delete the whole thing and have to do it post by post.) I appreciated that. And Claude and Willem both have been very pleasant to me--I traded a few e-mails with Claude, and he told me about a lot of the Elvis shows he saw in '76 and '77, and was just very personable and thoughtful. But it is a challenge for them, I am sure, to decide when to play Big Brother and when not to. Certainly a lot of personal attacks are allowed to remain on the board when other, seemingly less harmful things aren't. That is something we fortunately don't experience here...which maybe has less to do with fortune and more to do with the kinds of people who are attracted to this board--thank you, Albert! Sadly at FECC there are a lot of people just looking for trouble, and other people who at least welcome it. There's just this whole schoolyard atmosphere over there all the time, and it's really a shame because there is a lot of great information and insight to be found. But wading through all the muck in order to glean it can be laborious. With their very high traffic and member roster come some inherent problems. But I don't think it's just that; if things keep growing and growing around here, I still would be very surprised if we experience that same kind of thing.

    All JMHO. won't forget me when I go.

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