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    Help Wanted

    Hi Everyone,

    I need some help, so if anyone can help me that would be great

    I've been offered a copy of the old import cd Elvis The Other Side Of Memphis but I would like to know if the tracks from 1969 are the undubbed masters or are they undubbed alternate takes.

    I really like the studio sound before all the overdubs are done and have been looking for a review of this cd.

    So if any of you guys can help that would be


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    The other site of Memphis is a cd with fake tracks!

    Don't get it
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    That's why he still keep singing a song

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    Hi, Thanks for that info . Since I posted my question, I've been able to listen to some of the tracks and found that most of the tracks are mixes and not undubbed at all .


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    True, nowadays there's no real reason to buy this cd if you ask me.

    At the time it was one of the first ones on the Bilko label if I'm correct (if not, just say so) and looked interesting anyway.
    But even then, after listening it added nothing new.

    So, skip this one.


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