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    bygone days

    Here is some newspaper clips from the year 2000 under the 25 years ago articles:

    25 years ago; Jan, 14, 1975

    Elvis Presley will stage a benefit performance for Mississippi tornado victims in May at Jackson, Miss, Gov Bill Waller said last night. A Tornado slashed a two-mile swath through the McComb area Friday killing 7 persons and injuring more than 100. Waller was contacted yesterday by Col. Tom Parker, Presley`s Manager, who offered to put on the show. it will be held at Mississippi Memorial Coliseum. Waller said all money received from the benefit will go into a trust fund to assist the victims. ``Even Elvis will purchase his own tickets``. In a telegram, Presley told Parker, ``I want to help all I can. i am most fortunate and grateful to be fortunate enough to do this.`` Presley`s last benefit show in Mississippi was in 1957 at Tupelo to raise funds for an Elvis Presley Park. Prsley was born at Tupelo.

    25 YEARS AGO; Sept, 4, 1975

    Entertainer Elvis Presley talked with former President Richard Nixon by telephone at Baptist Hospital during the Labor Day weekend, a hospital official said yesterday. Presley, who has been hospitalized since August 21 because of ``fatigue``, received a call from Nixon about 11;30 a.m. Saturday, said Maurice Elliott, a hospital vice president. ``I
    understand that Mr. Presley had called him (Nixon) when he was in the
    hospital and he was just returning ther courtesy.``. Elliott said Presley`s main problem ``continues to be difficulty with enlarged colon`` but that he has ``responsed very well to treatment and medication and surgery definitely is not required``.

    25 YEARS AGO; July 27, 1975
    Elvis Presley bought a $1.2 million turboprop for his longtime manager, Col. Tom Parker, and had it flown to Las Vegas yesterday to surprise the cigarchomping promotional wizard, The Commercial Appeal learned yesterday. ``You`ve got to be kidding``, said Parker, who was in telephoned in Las Vegas before the plane arrived.``I can`t beleive and won`t `til I see it.`` The white Grumman Gulfsteam G-1 with blue trim left Memphis about 9 a.m. yesterday headed to Las vegas. Elvis, who could not be reached for comment, remained at his Graceland mansion, sources said. The source close to Elvis said Parker does not like to fly in big planes. He said Elvis deceided to buy the plane after ot took four leased aircraft to carry his touring company to his last concert.


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    Thank you for the articles Bogarcon. They were a very intersting read.

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    Thanks bogarcon, always a pleasure to read your aritcles... thanks for posting them .. Dovey
    Get Him, get him~~Hot D*** ~~ he's a Squirrel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dovey
    Thanks bogarcon, always a pleasure to read your aritcles... thanks for posting them .. Dovey
    Diane and Dovey and all the others, it`s always a pleasure to share Elvis stuff with other fans! More to come from 1976...30 years of good memories from the king!
    have a nice day, bogarcon

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