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Thread: Who sang this song?

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    Who sang this song?

    Who sang "When The Snow Is On The Roses" ? Elvis sang it in the 1970 summer festival. At the end he said that it was his favorate song.
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    Sonny James . It was a Number one hit for him late 60s early 70s he had a lot of country hits.
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    Here Is the Answer

    Ed Ames released this song in 1967. His recording did poorly on the Billboard's Hot 100 chart, but reached number one for four weeks on the Easy Listening chart. Sonny James did not release his version until 1972.
    So Elvis had heard Ed Ames' version first, since we have Elvis' recording from August 1970.
    This is information from the fantastic book Elvis His Life from A to Z.
    If you need info about Elvis this is the book to get.

    Hope this helps u out

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    If you listen to the song in it's context in the actual show, you hear Elvis introducing several people, then singing the song before introducing Ed Ames, who was attending the show. From memory Elvis says something like: "It's a beautiful song and the guy who sang it is in the audience. I'd like you to say hello to Mr Ed Ames."

    For many, Ed Ames will be best remembered as Fess Parker's Indian sidekick in the Daniel Boone TV Series.
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