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Thread: I'll Be There: That's The Way It Should Be

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    I'll Be There: That's The Way It Should Be

    I'm working on a DVD cover for the import release I'll Be There: That's The Way It Should Be.

    Here's what I've done so far...
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    Very nice cover. A good start
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    Thanks FlamingStar

    Almost finished this one. Just a bit of work to do on the back cover.
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    .................... (great label design on the front cover by the way)

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    That is really a beautiful DVD Cover
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    Thank you for sharing,


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    Real Great!

    This is realy an amizing cover. I can't wait to see it when it's finished.


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    Looks fantastic! That's going to be a great dvd and cover!
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    Well Ron,

    I shall reserve judgement on the radial gradient of the label untill the full size version, but the actual label composition I like a whole lot. I am still undecided as to whether it (the label) would be more effective a little smaller and perhaps even placed at another point on the cover

    While I have time to comment a little further, the smaller stars pattern I like much more than the large ones on the first preview (and check out how that label has evolved since the first version, Ron )

    Also, excellent, excellent colourisation technique, it's so good I'm not totally convinced it wasn't colour to begin with .

    Should be a good one, Peter

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    Good to see the cover spark such debate

    I'll play around with the sticker a little more, but it will probably stay pretty much the same. We'll see what happens.

    About the colourisation, probably just a fluke. I remember I used to have trouble with colourising pics and I would always make Elvis' skin look green-ish. I'm sure Unchained remembers that since he helped me through a few of those times

    All I do these days is just make a duplicate layer of the pic, make it as orange as I can with the selective colour tool, then change the opacity of the layer and fade it into the black and white pic until the skin colour looks right. Seems to have worked pretty well this time.

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    This the sort of thing you had in mind?
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    Beautiful design WildStyle. As always! I like the sticker too although the idea of a transparent one is just great! The colored picture is amazing.
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    Thanks jeanno. The full version has now been uploaded

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