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Thread: xrays of elvis on ebay

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    xrays of elvis on ebay

    A few years ago x-rays of Elvis chest (taken in 1973) were sold on eBay, now x-rays of Elvis` head and chest are going up for sale on the internet auction site e-Bay. The profile of the singer`s jaw and ribcage was taken in 1971, in Las Vegas, when he was suffering from sinus congestion. Bidding is expected to be fierce for the items and they are expected to sell for thousands of pounds.Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Jun 18, 2006 what are your thoughts on this.

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    I think it's creepy that people would want to buy his x-rays. Seems pretty shameless and in bad taste.

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    TCB Mafia
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    creepy indeed. disgusting

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    Hey! wouldn't we all like to get inside the head of a superstar!!

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