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Thread: Our James Dean Road Trip

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    Our James Dean Road Trip

    My Friend and I had a James Dean day today (06/14/06) and we traveled 5 to 6 hours from Kenosha, WI. to Fairmount, IN. It was soooo cool! We stopped at this one place called "Rebel, Rebel" that has a lot of James Dean memorabilia. Also the guy was a 50's freak and had some antique magazines featuring Elvis. I was gonna get this one that had him on the cover then on the inside it had a center fold of him. He has some other cool Elvis stuff too. Maybe if we go back in September and if no one grabbed it, I'll buy it. But I know if I do I will rip it open.... Anyway, we then stopped at the Fairmount Historical Museum which had ALL or most of James Dean's belongings. From his homework and art projects to his motorcycles. Before we left we spoke to the lady who was working there. She said that she went to school with him and he was even in a class with her sister. And she said that sometimes she would see him riding around on his motorcycle. So that was REALLY cool! After that we went to the Cemetery where Jimmy was laid to rest. His headstone look so.. plain compared to Elvis'. Like he wasn't a star. No quote or anything was on it. All it said was his name and the years he had lived through. His feet was probably on the edge of the gravel road where you drive through the cemetery. It kinda made me feel bad because I know Jimmy was worth more than that. All in all it was a good experience. It was kinda cool to get to pay respects to one of Elvis' idols.

    (Here three pix from the trip!)

    Fairmount's Welcome sign (Jimmy and Garfield is standing on the sides)

    Jimmy's home (Where he stayed with his aunt and uncle, who also raised him)

    Jimmy's Grave (The two yellow lines shows what we left on his grave. When we didn't see anywhere to buy flowers for him we gave him what we had. My friend left a plastic newt that she had in her car and I shared my pretzels with him. It's the thought that count right?)
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    Thanks a lot for telling your experience!

    James Dean is one of my favourite actors too and I'd like to do the same if I go to USA someday.
    It had to be very touching...big respect for this great actor who left us so young and now is in heaven with our Elvis...

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    Thanks you for sharing your story and pics... I have never been there but would love to travel there to see his birthplace also.

    James Dean sure was a cool good looking guy and loved by all!!
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    Thanks, Awickedreigndrop for sharing your story and pics with us...
    He was a great actor, who left us way before his time...
    I'm also surprised the headstone was not bigger...

    here's the link to the James Dean site...


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    Rebel Without A Cause

    Thank you Awickedreigndrop, for sharing your story and pictures with us. James Dean was a talented and complex young man; a fine example for Elvis and other people.

    I know that Dennis Hopper was able to break through with his appearance in James' movie 'Rebel Without A Cause'. I'm a Dennis Hopper-fan myself and can only thank James for giving Dennis a chance.

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    Great story. I still have the wish to explore the US through a Elvis trip. I think that's a nicer way to learn much about the country than to simply go for the landmarks.
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