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Thread: And The King For Dessert

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    ...And The King For Dessert


    01. See see rider
    02. I got a woman / Amen
    03. Love me
    04. Trying to get to you
    05. All shook up
    06. Love me tender
    07. You don't have to say you love me
    08. Hound dog
    09. Fever
    10. Polk salad Annie
    11. Why me Lord
    12. Suspicious minds
    13. Band introductions
    14. I can't stop loving you
    15. Help me
    16. American trilogy
    17. Let me be there (incomplete)
    18. Funny how time slips away (incomplete)
    19. Big boss man
    20. It's now or never
    21. Can't help falling in love
    22. Medley: Bosom Of Abraham / You Better Run *

    * recorded live, March 29, 1977 in Alexandria

    Label: Fort Baxter 2203
    Released: 1998
    Sound quality: good (soundboard)

    Date: May 25, 1974 (dinner show)
    Location: Lake Tahoe
    Jumpsuit: ?

    Reviews: n/a
    Pictures: 1
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    Lake Tahoe - season 3 (22 shows)
    May 16th - 27th (2 cancelled)

    With his 10th tour ended only 3 days before the start of Elvis 3rd Lake Tahoe season, you can imagine that this was not the time to see Elvis at his fittest. The fact that Elvis had cancelled 2 shows might have been a proof of this.

    But listening to this CD doesn't show an Elvis who was doing his 18th show of this engagement. Right from the start Elvis showed the audience that he had pleasure in performing that night. The audience was clearly excited, just like Elvis.

    Songs like "Trying To Get To You" (with Elvis singing 'I was steaking all the way' much to the audience' pleasure) and "Big Boss Man" really must have fired up Elvis and the audience. Although the setlist is quite nice, Elvis must have felt differently, because the next Vegas seasons Elvis would open with a completely renewed setlist.

    The sound is fantastic! Although it can't compare with CD's like "The Aloha From Hawaii", "Close Up disc 4" or "And Afternoon In The Garden", this Cd is a real treat to listen to. It has a nice warm, boosted live sound.
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    Elvis performs a good concert. He's in fine voice and in good humor. Big Boss Man was just added to the setlist and Elvis even sings It's Now Or Never, a song that wasn't in his regular programme, too. The sound on the cd is good and the cover was nicely done.

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