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Thread: Need Help - 70s Material

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    Question Need Help - 70s Material

    Elvis fans, please help me. I've heard all of Elvis Presley's 1950s, and 1960s songs, not too familiar with the 1970s material apart from Moody Blue and Fool albums. Can somebody compile a list of Elvis Presley 70s albums with music reflecting the decade of the 70s also would like to know the hits that came off each of those albums. Thanks.

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    Maby the new DVD "52 Elvis cd's can't be wrong" is something for you. On this DVD you'll find all the official Elvis albums ever made by Elvis.

    This Audio DVD Contains the following Elvis CD's;

    Elvis Presley / Elvis / Loving You / Elvis Christmas Album / Elvis Golden Records / King Creole / For LP Fans Only / A Date With Elvis / A Big Hunk O'Love / Elvis Is Back / Flaming Star / Follow that Dream / G.I. Blues / His Hand In Mine / Something for Everybody / Blue Hawaii / Pot Luck With Elvis / Kid Galahad / Girls! Girls! Girls! / It Happened At The World's Fair / Golden Records Vol.3 / Kissin' Cousins / Clambake / Viva Las Vegas / Roustabout / Girl Happy / Harem Holiday / Elvis For Everyone / Frankie And Johnny / Paradise Hawaiian Style / Spinout / Double Trouble / Easy Come, Easy Go / Speedway / How Great Thou Art / Love Letters / '68 Comeback Special / From Elvis In Memphis / From Vegas To Memphis / That's The Way It Is / Elvis Country / Love Letters From Elvis / Wonderful World Of Christmas / Elvis Now / He Touched Me / Madison Square Garden / Aloha From Hawaii / Elvis / Raised On Rock / Good Times / Live On Stage In Memphis / Promised Land / Today / From Elvis Presley BLVD / Moody Blue / Christmas Classics / Ultimate Gospel.
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    Elvis also released some other compltication albums during the 70's like:

    I Got Lucky, C'mon Everybody, You'll Never Walk Alone, Seperate Ways, Having Fun On Stage With Elvis, Pure Gold, The Sun Collection and Welcome To My World.
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    My favorite compilation is the box set "Walk A mile in My shoes- Essential 70's Masters" coupled with the import " Forgotten songs of the 70's" . Both can be found on ebay, and probably amazon.
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    Oh my you guys are great!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all your help!!!

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    If you look at the stamps that came with the 70s masters it shows all the official 70s albums that Elvis did minus The Sun Collection and a few others. I scan it and let you see it if you want to.

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    That would be great if you could scan it and share with us.

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