It's always nice when you have an avatar under your name on a messageboard. It's just to show a bit of your personality and interest. You can add your own avatar, or choose one of the many avatars from our own avatar gallery.

How to select a picture from the avatar gallery

1) Go to the top of this screen and select 'profile' (you need to be logged in) :

2) Go to the bottom of that page and you'll find the avatar options. You can upload an avatar from your computer (press 'browse'), upload an avatar from a website (the avatar will be stored on our server), link to an avatar from another website, or select an avatar from our own gallery. Press on 'show gallery' to access the galleries:

3) You'll start in the 50's avatar gallery. You can select one rightaway by pressing on the little round under your preffered avatar. But you can also go to another gallery.

4) If you want to select an avatar from another gallery, just click on the little menu and select the gallery that you want to see:

5) After pressing 'go' you'll go to the new gallery. Select the avatar of your choice by pressing on the small round under the avatar (it becomes black) and press on the 'select avatar' button. After that you will go back to the avatar options panel. Press on 'submit' and you will have the new avatar under your name.