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Thread: Aloha Deluxe or 68 Comeback Deluxe?

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    Aloha Deluxe or 68 Comeback Deluxe?

    Well, it's almost been a couple of years since we got these wonderful gems released on DVD in that wonderful deluxe format. So, my question is guys, which Deluxe set do you watch the most - Aloha from Hawaii or '68 Comeback TV Specials? Which set do you tend to reach for and have you watched the most?

    It's pretty much quite even with me and I've tended to watch the Aloha Rehearsal Concert as much as the original 68 Comeback TV Special (December 3rd) about you's?


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    I think its even....

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    They are both impressive, but i prefer Aloha from Hawaii.

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    I have both and I love both, but to be honest I've watched the '68 Comeback most...but this is my personal taste towards the 2 shows...anyway fans have to keep both in their personal collection..

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    I rarely watch the Comeback Special. Although it's great, I don't particularly like the sound and songselection. It's a bit too much of the same. Watching the Aloha is (for me) more pleasant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ComeBackChick
    I think its even....
    for me too

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    Well, i have really enjoyed both of them, but i also think it should be a more rare outtakes selection. It's too much "One Night" and "Baby What Do You Want Me To Do"... I would either prefer some outtakes when Elvis was dressed in blue..

    But Anyway, i think EPE should make some new officials DVD and not more from Aloha and comeback. It's hard and bad to realize that only some concerts from On Tour and That's the way it is, is filmed. I think EPE should release concert footage taken by fans in the future.... Like Adrenaline'71, the man who has filmed the performances has sold the rights.... Why can't people sell rights from concert footage to EPE.

    Well, i don't understand why at least one concert from 1974,75 and 76 isn't professional filmed!!!!
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    That is difficult, I would say both also. Although the 1968 Comeback Special dvd set has more material I would perfer it but I love them both so I say it is even also.
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    I can't say... it depends on my mood. Comeback is great but it can get a bit repetitive after a while... but there is so much, he's scrumptious, great songs etc etc. Aloha has fewer songs, great performances but isn't quite as exciting as the Comeback one.

    Both are great... in terms of sitting down and watching the whole DVD, I think I would go for Aloha. But picking and choosing I think I would go for Comeback. Can't decide... they're both great and I want one for TTWII with EVERYTHING on desperately but doubt it'll happen in the near future... same with EOT too.
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    Both essential packages, however, for me, it's been specifically the stand up shows from the Comeback Special set that have had more spins than any other discs from these boxes.

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    Hmm tough question. In the 68 comeback special I like how it was, shall I say, candid or unplugged. Aloha, I just like the way he performed in that one. It's more like a concert experiance. In my book they're tied because they both have good qualities but the one I reach for the most is the Comeback Special because I just love hearing him sing "Trouble".

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