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Thread: Help! Shameless Self Promotion

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    Help! Shameless Self Promotion

    Hi Everyone!

    I've been a quiet member for awhile...and I need a favor.

    I'm a writer and I've been lucky enough to have buy a short story of mine. It's about a boxer who's an Elvis fan. I've written a couple of novels about the same character and Elvis is his hero.

    They're not all about Elvis but he's often listening to Elvis or getting psyched up because of Elvis.

    Anyway the story is 49 cents and I'm giving the profits to a program for people with developmental disabilites.

    It's called DUFFY BY DECISION and it's available at in their Amazon Shorts program or by searching my name TOM SCHRECK at Amazon.

    I'm hoping to increas emy sales rank so that my novels will be more appealing to publishers.

    Thanks in advance and if this message is inappropriate I apologize in advance.


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    I'm going to go check it out! Thanks and it is Elvis related, it's for a cause, so I am good with it. congratulations , I've been working on a novel for about 12 years ( not constantly of course ) and probably will never get it done.
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    Although it's not completely the same, I love the detective stories by Daniel Klein with Elvis as the main character. They're clever written and fun to read.

    I will look for your novel and see what you've manage so far
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    I've traded e-mails with Dan Klein and he's a real nice guy...he's not doing any more Elvis mysteries though.

    If you've read them you can tell he's done his homework on Elvis. They're fun and silly and Elvis would like them.

    Thanks folks for putting up with my self promotion...


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    Thanks! Number 1

    Thanks to everyone who got my short story DUFFY BY DECISION...It just hit number one on Amazon!


    The proceeds are going to charity. if you still want to get it its 49 cents and its available at Amazon--search Amazon: DUFFY BY DECISION.

    It's the story of a boxer who, among other things is an Elvis fan.

    Everything Elvis touches still turns to gold...

    Thanks again,


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