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    Made In Memphis

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    MADE IN MEMPHIS - Outtakes From Elvis' Memphis Recording Sessions in 1969, 1973 & 1976

    Tracklist: (click on the track to hear a 20 second sample) Help
    1. In The Ghetto - take 13
    2. You'll Think Of Me - take 8
    3. Do You Know Who I Am? - take 4
    4. If You Don't Come Back - take 5
    5. Three Corn Patches - takes 5 & 6
    6. Find Out What's Happening - take 7
    7. It's Midnight - take 11
    8. Thinking About You - take 3
    9. You Asked Me To - take 1
    10. Solitaire - take 7
    11. She Thinks I Still Care - takes 3 & 4
    12. Moody Blue - take 6
    13. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall - take 1
    14. Love Coming Down - take 4
    15. For The Heart - take 5
    16. Baby What You Want Me To Do (home recording)
    17. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (home recording)
    18. Spanish Eyes (home recording)
    19. See See Rider (home recording)
    20. That's All Right (home recording)

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    Made in Memphis

    First lets look at the Artwork
    The cover is not very attractive. A picture of Elvis in studio during any of the dates used would of been nice. Not the ones used out and inside the covers. The artwork it self is just blaah.
    The songs:
    In the Ghetto-nice take and well sung. I just wish we could hear alil more talkin or be able to have a false start of the song.
    You'll think of me-I think this song is underrated. Take is similar with the master except it is a bit more slower it seems.
    Do you know who I am-Starts off with a music false start and Elvis complainning on how the song was too slow. Then a complete take which we have no clue what take it is due to the fact that at American Sound Studio they did not use the take numbering system on most of the songs. But a very good take is done by Elvis with a soulful feeling
    If You dont come back-begins with some talk of doin one more take. The tune is truely a 70's sound tune. the song is one that has to grow on you. James Burton does play a mean guitar on it though. not one of my favorites, but like i said it does grow on you.
    Three Corn Patches-Cool beginning hearing Ronnie Tut come in hard and blow Elvis off his sit. Once the tune starts Elvis is in it.
    Find Out Whats Happening-Elvis just doesnt sound like he is into the song too much. Song is pretty much straight from the master not much of a difference.
    It's Midnight-Now this song is just a GREAT song. No matter what take or if it is done live. Fabulous!!! When Elvis sings this song I believe it is personal.
    Thinking About You-Begins with alil discussion of the song which I think is always cool. and it seems that Elvis is really enjoying himself. Really cool hearing how the song is brought together and how the singer really feels about the song itself. This song i my opinion is another underrated tune that i wish Elvis would of done live. Another cool thing about this song is again James Burton shines with some cool guitar licks and kind of goes into his own world where he just plays away till Felton kinds of interrupts the fun and says another take. Could of listened to James forever lol
    You Asked Me To-Interesting we hear pieces of Essential Elvis vol. 5. I guess when they released Essential that they decided to add clips to others songs and hear we get all the clips together and exactly where they should be. An ok song never one of my favorites, but then again it is Elvis. You hear Elvis' voice crack several times during the song which is funny.
    Solitaire-Cool session talk in the studio with Elvis wanting to kill Neil Sedaka as a joke. But song itself is really good and when we hear it we think of Elvis. All this fame and he is still all alone. Very scary
    She Thinks I Still Care-We have some takes this song and there is not much of a difference from this take except the long false start and discussion . Still a haunting tune when you think of Elvis and Priscilla.
    Moody Blue-Good tune, but I wish would could hear Elvis discussing the song or having a false take with the song. Elvis seems to still be unsure with tune and how it goes, but still does a good performance.
    Bitter they are harder they fall-We already have a nice in studio chat of this song from the GREAT FTD CD The Jungle Room Sessions. This is a really good take even though it is the first one.
    Love Coming Down-A bit faster then the master take, but other than that there isnt much of a difference.
    For the Heart-Good tune and almost the same as the master. Elvis sounds confident and performs the song very well.
    The last 5 songs-Seems out of place and to those who seem to find anything and everything of Elvis is nothing new. Sound is good, but then again the sound is good on other recordings also. I would of rather had more outtakes of some of the other songs during these recording that were Made In Memphis.

    The sound and mixing is very good and I know Ernst and Roger are doing the best they kind with the demand us whacky Elvis fans keep giving and we act like we are not satisfied, but this is a CD that has its moments more then not and it is a CD that I have listened too more then once and will continue to listen too. I do appriciate the wide range of different songs and I do thank those at FTD that continue to try and give us what we want.

    Keep up the good work

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    Just bought this new release by FTD this afternoon in Utrecht. And giving it a spin right now! The first impression is very good, the sound is really good, better than i expected. The artwork is other thing, i think they could have done a much better job on that, but on the other hand it fitts the contect perfectly. The thing i don't understand why BMG/Sony don't come up with this kind of compilations and release it for the general public...
    But to get back to this cd...i'm listing to track 3 now ( Do you know who i am?) and what a pretty this song is..very releaxed performance, if the whole disc is this standard...we have a winner by FTD!
    Now at the Jungle sound on these tracks are even better than on the jungle room sessions cd! Every sound and instrument and vocals can be heard very clear...i think Ernst should consider to re-release the jungle room cd and add thesetracks on it, and remaster this jungle cd at the sony studios..cause the sound is so darn good..but have to say i love these sessions very, very much!! Elvis' voice is better than ever on those sessions, and you get the feeling you are really in the room with him..only wish i was..
    Than it's off to Sam Thompson' house in Memphis,i've heard these recordings before but not in this quality...and have to say that the songs are NOT misplaced on this disc, maybe they should be placed as the first 5 songs on this disc. We hear Elvis doing some great tunes, with some pretty good guitar playing. I like the CC Rider song very much in this way...only wished he did a complete version..he mentioned after these 45 short seconds..that it's a hard one to do this way..
    All in all a very good release by FTD...can't understand why some people say that they will play this disc once, and that it is only a left-overs release...This disc deserves a second and third and many more's a very well balanced cd, with a lot of great tracks on it!
    When i played the whole disc i will write a longer review.
    I also got the elvis is back! deluxe edition, i heard and read that the sound on this one is also give that one a spin tonight...gonna be a long night! with some fantastic Elvis music.
    Good job guys from FTD! can't wait till the next release..bring them on!
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    When I tried to listen to "She Thinks I Still Care" and ''I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" a pic of Denise Richards comes up. What's up with that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elvis fan 1976
    When I tried to listen to "She Thinks I Still Care" and ''I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" a pic of Denise Richards comes up. What's up with that?
    You crack me up. I needed that laugh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by elvis fan 1976
    When I tried to listen to "She Thinks I Still Care" and ''I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" a pic of Denise Richards comes up. What's up with that?
    That's nice ...
    "Til we meet you again, may God bless you. Adios."

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    It's weird.... when I click on the mentioned samples, the asf-file is downloaded to my pc, but it doesn't play the sample. So it doesn't work with me either. Unfortunately the Denise Richard pic doesn't show up with me

    So I have deleted the samples and will make and attach new ones
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    Today received my copy, listening right now to it, and I think it is one of those FTD's I will listen a lot to. Love those informal songs at the end.

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    Good album!!!!

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