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Thread: Elvis Fan clubs

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    Elvis Fan clubs

    Hey guys!

    I would like to know if you are a member of an Elvis fan club? What's the name of the fan club in your country/state?

    I'am a member of the norwegian fan club (flamingstar)

    Here can i buy import cd's, import dvd's, and all kind of great rare stuff.
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    i am a member of the oficial elvis presley fan club of great britain
    i also get magazines from essential elvis,every 2 months, and magazines from 'elvis the man and his music' every 3 months.
    i highly recomend both of these magazines.
    there GREAT

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    I was a member of the Forever For Elvis Fan Club M?xico. I'm not an active member this year, for college and work... Not much time for myself. But I hope to become a member (again) next year. That club is one of the few oficial ones in my country.

    We meet every month to talk about Elvis or watch a movie. We could have breakfast in a restaurant, or even having a dancind-party... We also celebrate Elvis birthday and august week. It's nice. Listen music and share some stories.

    Theres a little bulletin, every month a new one is published. I used to work in that as the Editor (some sort), but well, don't have the time now...

    At the meet ups (first tuesday of every month), fans meet at night for dinner. Have some fun there! A real Elvis time.

    The pictures below shows some of my buttons and my very firt Elvis T-shirt. I was in the club for almost six years. Wear those buttons almost every day... I like to show everybody in town that I'm an Elvis fan!
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    As a addition to this thread that flamingstar started, what are the best ones, in North America and the best ones world wide? What are the ones to avoid if any?

    I wish I could remember the name but I was in one back in the early 90s and I paid to join and never got anything back from the club, no news letter no nothing. So I wasn't in very long. I think at the very least you should get a newsletter of updates or something.

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