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Thread: Elvis Presley and Generosity

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    Elvis Presley and Generosity

    Following Elvis's example a great many Elvis Presley fan clubs raise money in Elvis's name. The Irish Elvis fan club has raised more than 400,000 Euros over the years.

    Also the Elvis Social Club raises substantial sums for Charity too.

    Does anyone here have more info on successful Elvis events that raise large sums for Charities?

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    EPE would have all the details on the most significant ones.
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    Thats cool they raised all that money . I don't know anyother charities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 0349054
    EPE would have all the details on the most significant ones.
    "Over the last 10 years, Elvis Presley Fan Clubs have raised over $3.1 million for charity. Below are some of the recent individual clubs' special donations and stories." FROM EPE.

    That's the figure Graceland has on it's website.

    But on surfing the net over the years since 1998 I have come across maybe hundreds of Elvis events not covered by EPE which have raised substantial amounts of money in Elvis's name for various charities.

    You would think this kind of positive info about Elvis would be collated and publicised in a far more professional manner?

    The book "Elvis & You" by Laura Victoria and John O' Hara of New York, has a lot of info on Elvis's Charitable donations. John kindly gave us a signed copy of the book as a gift when he called to our home in May 2002. The book is well worth aquiring.

    elvispresleyfan1935, the statue "Elvis at 13" by sculptor, Michael Van der Sommen, stands close to where Elvis was born in Tupelo Mississippi.

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