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    Presley At The Hilton

    Presley At The Hilton


    01. Announcement
    02. 2001: A space odyssey
    03. See see rider
    04. I got a woman / Amen
    05. Monologue
    06. Blue Christmas
    07. That's allright
    08. Monologue
    09. Are you lonesome tonight
    10. Monologue
    11. Sweet Caroline
    12. You gave me a mountain
    13. Jailhouse rock
    14. O sole mio / It's now or never
    15. Monologue
    16. Trying to get to you
    17. Fever (incomplete)
    18. America the beautiful
    19. Band introductions
    20. Early morning rain
    21. What'd I say
    22. Johnny B Goode
    23. Band solos
    24. Love letters
    25. School days
    26. Hurt
    27. Hound dog
    28. Monologue
    29. How great Thou art
    30. Can't help falling in love
    31. Closing riff

    Label: JR 1/94
    Released: 1994
    Sound quality: average (audience recording)

    Date: December 5, 1976 (Dinner show)
    Location: Las Vegas

    Jumpsuit: King of spades suit

    Reviews: n/a
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    i have heard that this show was really bad.


    On this Sunday evening, Jackie Kahane had performed his 'warm-up' comedian act for 25 minutes and the audience were getting restless. Behind the gold-coloured curtain, there is movement and Kahane walks to the side of the stage and listens for a minute or so. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm being asked to go on just a little longer as there seems to be a few minor problems upstairs in Elvis' suite. Elvis seemingly sprained his ankle but don't you worry, he'll be onstage shortly."

    After a long intermission the lights dim and the show starts.

    The curtain goes up and Elvis limps on stage from the left. James Burton and John Wilkenson (Guitarists) look nervously at one another. Elvis leans on Charlie Hodge. He looks bad. His face is pale and bloated. His wet hair hangs down over his face like he's just got out of the shower. As he takes the guitar from Charlie and heads for the microphone he looks drunk.

    After See See Rider, he explains his 'unconvincing' story to the audience in slurred speech about tripping in the shower. He is not in control of his body movements. He continues singing then asks if the audience won't mind him sitting down. From his stool, he sings a few more songs then begins a dialogue about a black diamond ring he's just acquired.

    The audience are getting restless and some start to leave, calling out their frustrations about the poor show and wanting their money back. Even the musicians are getting annoyed at the lack of music.

    The tension in the showroom is getting worse and worse then just as it seems things can't get any worse, Elvis seems to slip out of his twilight zone and returns to normality. He gets off the stool. His voice is less slurred, though he's still a bit shaky. From here on, the show is like it should be, though not quite up to it's normal high.

    After Can't Help Falling In Love, Elvis leaves the stage with no limping whatsoever!

    [this excerpt is adapted from the book 'Elvis: The Man And His Music' recalled from a fan in the audience.]

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    It is a sorry show, indeed. From time to time Elvis delivers a good song, but mostly he is just a shadow of his former self. A lot of silly jokes with an about Charlie, a wrecked version of "Sweet Caroline" and tons of monologues. Maybe the stuff he took for his injured foot was one pill to much....

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