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Thread: L.A. 1970 covers

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    L.A. 1970 covers

    Here are some covers i made for a cdr with the concert from LA 1970.
    This one was released earlier on cd or cdr, but this one had much better quality and was released before the Ingelwood cd which is the latest release to my knowing. I did not compare those, but i could imagine the Ingelwood cd was made from the same source as the cdr i had.
    I hope you like the covers. I realize the text is not the best to read on the back. But i made those some time ago and i most of the time deleted the Photoshop .psd files to save space.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails LA1970.jpg   la_1970b.jpg  

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    Nice work Nicko

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    Love those pictures Nicko!

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    Hi Nicko,
    I've seen a lot of your covers and I like the way you've made them. But I've never seen the above one. That cover really rocks!

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