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Thread: review on "tcb gang"

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    review on "tcb gang"


    DVD Review:
    The TCB Gang - The Way It Was...The Untold Stories
    (as told by seven of Elvis' closest friends)

    Released by NextShow Entertainment

    Executive Producers: Michael D. Jenkins & Charles Stone

    Filmed in High Quality Digital

    Announcer: Charley Pride

    When a group of old friends gets together to reminisce it is always an interesting and fun time. In the case of The "TCB" Gang it is even more interesting as the subject matter revolves around Elvis and the Colonel and the group involved share something very special - having worked for and known The King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley.

    Based loosely around the format successfully used with "The Elvis Mob" documentary, "The TCB Gang" is a welcome change in format from the typical "biography" documentaries which have flooded in the market in recent years.

    Seven of those closest to Elvis reunite at the Las Vegas Hilton, the scene of some of Elvis' most successful performances, to enthrall the viewer with stories which take us behind the legend. The great thing about the format is that each participant offers a different perspective, be it about the well known or the obscure. The result is absorbing and illuminating.

    The 'TCB' Gang is:

    Al "Elvis has left the building" Dvorin - Elvis' friend and master of ceremonies

    Loanne Parker - Colonel Tom Parker's widow

    Jerry Schilling - close family friend and Memphis Mafia member

    Joe Esposito - road manager and co-best man at Elvis and Priscilla's' wedding

    Dick Grob - chief of security and security planning

    Sam Thompson - tour advance man and brother of Linda Thompson

    Charles Stone - Elvis' concert producer

    There is an abundance of fascinating stories told during this informal get-together of the TCB Gang. And the way they are told will leave you with a smile on your face.

    Among the great stories are:

    * The Colonel's fascination with elephants
    * Jerry Schilling and the Millennium Moment
    * Elvis' one-and-only "all request show" in Asheville, North Carolina
    * How Loanna met The Colonel
    * why keyboardist David Briggs didn't hit 'bad' notes
    * the 'presidential' idea behind Aloha From Hawaii
    * Elvis banned from performing in Montreal, Canada
    * the Colonel's unpublicised charitable donations
    * why Elvis and the Colonel always bought ten tickets to an Elvis show
    * the day Elvis' plane almost collided with a tower in Roanoke, Virginia
    * the unusual reason Elvis started using police cars instead of limos to return to his hotel after a concert

    There is a fabulous story from Dick Grob about the first time he flew on the Lisa Marie and an amusing recollection about the night Elvis and his entourage could not find a hotel room...because all rooms were booked out due to a certain entertainer being in town!

    And the Colonel's clever marketing skills are well recognised when it is revealed Elvis held the record for merchandise sales at every venue he appeared at!

    This 'Special Collector's Edition' DVD features exclusive liner notes written for the DVD by Loanne Parker. Tragically, Al Dvorin was killed in a car accident two days after filiming the documentary.


    Video quality: Excellent

    Audio quality: Very Good

    Verdict: A great DVD release which is not only entertaining, but one which adds value to our understanding of both Elvis and the often misrepresented, Colonel Tom Parker.

    [email protected]

    more information can be found at

    price in the states $22.90

    over seas $29.80 in usa dollar
    that price includes the shipping and handling

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    can?t wait to see it....the line up of the people is very interesting..

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    i think you will enjoy it. but be careful there is a fanclub that is selling it for $62.00 dollars. i new when i sold them to the club that there would be a mark up[. but goodness!
    joe krein

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    Very cool video and we get to see inside Elvis' suite. Sad though considering this is the last time Al Devorin was filmed

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