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Thread: Do you listen to Elvis EVERY day?

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    Do you listen to Elvis EVERY day?

    Although I'm a huge, HUGE Elvisfan, I have to admit that there are many days that I don't listen to Elvis music. I often have 'periods': an Elvis 70s period, a 60s period, a soundtrack period, a gospel period, and so on. Those periods are often and mean that I listen to Elvis almost exclusively

    I even have periods where I don't listen to Elvis at all: a Four Seasons period, a Beach Boys period, a PJ Proby period, a JD SUmner period, a Cathedrals period, and so on. During these periods I listen rarely to Elvismusic.

    So my question to fellow Elvisfans: do you really listen to Elvismusic EVERY day? HAve days gone by that you haven't put in an Elviscd?
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    There are days when I don't listen to any music, but when I do I might start out with something like the Oldies from the 50's, classic, Wy Judd, I love all types of music... etc., BUT I always end up going to Elvis' music always and stay with his for the rest of my music listening time. Then I want to look at Elvis' on DVD. Just is sooo much more when you see him singing.

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    Yeah! I listen Elvis every day! Though may be only one song (that rarely happens). I enjoy listening music while I work or study, so... Elvis music can't be missing.
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    Cadillac King
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    I go through periods of listening to other peoples music but I always go back to Elvis and no matter who you listen to as soon as you hear his voice you know why he is the greatest singer that ever lived.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joanne
    I go through periods of listening to other peoples music but I always go back to Elvis ...
    Me too, sometimes months go by where I don't listen to or watch Elvis, but he is always lingering in the background.

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    I generally listen to music every day and Elvis is always somewhere in my repertoire. I always start with Elvis and my favourite song of the moment (last week it was "I Really Don't Want to Know"... great song!). I do go through phases where I listen to the same kinds of songs again and again. I find that music, Elvis' in particular, helps me with work- keeps me going!

    I listen to other music and artists too (often the Carpenters, Beatles, Patsy Cline, Marilyn Monroe.... and so many more) but always Elvis comes back. I can't help it- I need his music to function ! I think the great thing about Elvis' music is that it is so diverse- I mean you can have country, rock 'n' roll, gospel, blues, ballards... I could go on and on. So he suits all my moods. Hence, he constantly is listened to. Drives everyone else in the house mad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albert
    I even have periods where I don't listen to Elvis at all: a Four Seasons period, a Beach Boys period, a PJ Proby period, a JD SUmner period, a Cathedrals period, and so on. During these periods I listen rarely to Elvismusic.
    Oooohhh, the Cathedrals.... so smooth. Albert, we have such similar tastes in music. Some of the JD Sumner and the Stamps songs have an Elvis feel. I like JD's solo album from the mid 70's, and also his Final Sessions. Also check out "Walls Of Jericho" from the Master of the Wind project - Elvis could have killed that one!

    I don't listen to Elvis every day.
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    I have several of the FTD CD's downloaded on my computer so Yes, I do listen to him every day while I am on the computer. Dovey
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    I don't listen to music every day but do go through periods like most of you. When it's not Elvis it's Tina Turner, Jackie Wilson, old R&B artists, Tom Jones, The Stray Cats, Adam Ant, Meat Loaf and Bob Seiger to name a few, and always back to Elvis who is tops in my mind too.

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    i listen to music every day. i can't live without music. i go through periods where i only listen to Elvis, or someone else, for days or even weeks. it's like that with all the artists i like

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    Cadillac King
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    i don't listen every day, but i keep his music in my mind every day. i also sing it in my room on guitar, backing tracks, or by myself when i'm alone. if i ahve a song in my head, i can hear the rhythm and my foot starts tapping. weird to say, but thats how music makes me feel
    sincerely, Scott, a 15 year old Elvis fan

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    I go through phases where I'll listen to Elvis every day (particularly when I have a new CD), but usually I just listen to him every second or third day.

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    I listen to Elvis every day. But, I go through phases also with the 50's, 60's and 70's. It's also mixed in with other favorite artists that I enjoy.

    Nathan Belt

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    I like many others artists so I don't listen only Elvis but everyday I find a moment to listen him because his music makes me feel better...sometimes I choose at random one of my CDs or there are periods when I'm fixed with one in particular. For example in these last days I'm listening a lot the CD "Promised Land"...don't ask me why...
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    I Listen to Elvis almost everyday.

    But there's time i listen to the great Johnny Cash.

    these 2 guys i play a lot on my cd player and my turntable.
    Curtis Simpkins

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    YES SIR! I do listen to him everyday, at least a song before going to bed - I need to feel his spirit

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    I listen to him almost every day!!

    Also I?ve got periods, listening to other music, german rock ("Wir sind Helden, Seed, i think nobody from you knows them *lol*) I will come back to Elvis!

    As I?m driving to my work for 2h day, I?ll listen to his music. In the morning rock music, to get on top and on the back way gospels to calm down

    I love that!!

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    A day wouldnt be complete without a little EP.
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    "...without a song the day would never end..."

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    Yep, a little bit of Elvis every day... either in the car or at home.

    fities, sixties, seventies... doesn't matter much.

    Today f.i. it was the Promised Land cd.


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