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Thread: Southern nights

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    Question Southern nights

    Does anyone know were the songs from Southern nights are recorded?
    What cities?

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    Atlanta, April 24, 1975

    That's allright
    It's now or never
    Help me

    Atlanta, May 2, 1975

    Steamroller Blues

    Huntsville, June 1, 1975 first show

    Heartbreak hotel
    Release me

    Huntsville, June 1, 1975 second show

    Polk salad Annie
    I'll remember you
    Little darlin'

    Mobile, June 2, 1975 second show

    Bridge over troubled water

    Houston, June 4, 1975

    The eyes of Texas (one liner)

    Houston, June 5, 1975

    Trying to get to you
    You gave me a mountain

    Jackson, June 9, 1975

    Help me make it through the night

    Memphis, June 10, 1975


    Lake Charles, May 4, 1975


    Macon, April 24, 1975

    Big boss man
    It's midnight
    Promised land

    Huntsville, May 31, 1975 first show

    Hawaiian wedding song
    Blue suede shoes
    For the good times

    Huntsville, May 31, 1975 second show

    I can't stop loving you
    I'm leavin'

    Hope this helps,

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    I bought this cd last saturday and listened it already 3 times, but..
    funny but this is not what i expected.....
    It's good but not special live recordings.....
    Old Times they are not forgotten

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    Quote Originally Posted by boogie
    I bought this cd last saturday and listened it already 3 times, but..
    funny but this is not what i expected.....
    It's good but not special live recordings.....
    Well that's strange - I had the impression that this is an ablum.. err album with a lot of songs.. And it's not just that - the combination seems to be very versatile; with some rarities as well.. Some aren't thát rare (as far as the 'Ding en Sich' is concerned), but rather 'unusual' for Elvis at that particular time, making comparisons even more interesting. Unless I'm very much mistaken I'd like to listen to this one.
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    Southern nights cover

    Hi does anyone have the southern nights cover or the loving you cover?

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    Sirius subscribers can listen to this CD tomorrow night and a few times after that...

    Elvis Live in Concert: Southern Nights
    Tomorrow 8:00 pm ET

    Join us for the world premiere of the newest live concert FTD release Southern Nights, just released! Ernst Jorgensen joined TY this past week, live in the Elvis Radio Graceland Studio on Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis, and explained that this soundboard compilation from the 1975 Spring Tours is the "companion" set to Dixieland Rocks. The performance shows just how vast Elvis' repertoire was at that time. The concert contains 25 songs, and 19 of the songs were not featured on Dixieland Rocks. As always, your Elvis Radio expert musicologist, Doc Walker will be your Elvis Live In Concert (ELIC) host for this international world premiere.

    Rebroadcasts: Sat., Jan. 21st @ 12 am ET & Sun., Jan. 22nd @ 10 pm ET. won't forget me when I go.

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    It's a very interesting cd with a lot of unusual songs on it. Because the songs are chosen by Elvis at the moment, he really delivers and sings great versions. A nice performance is "That's Alright" when he sings "...son, that girl you're foolin', she ain't no good to screw...".

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    I love the cd, 1975 I think was a great year for Elvis and I really love all the songs on the cd
    "How do I get placed in situations like this? Ah hell, I guess it's all part of showbusiness "~ Elvis in his limo on his way to perform in Omaha, NE on June 19th 1977

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    I`ve ordered this cd, the reviews sound great.

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    The first date that you did sonny is misdated. Elvis wasn't in Atlanta on April 24, 1975. He was in Macon.

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    Personally, I thought SOUTHERN NIGHTS was a very good CD with some fine performances on it, including rare 1975 performances of YOU GAVE ME A MOUNTAIN, HELP ME, I'M LEAVIN', a rockin' version of BLUE SUEDE SHOES, and a very cool (albeit short) rendition of TROUBLE!!

    The only downside for me is the varying degrees of sound quality on the CD, but considering the tracks were recorded at different shows during the spring '75 tour, this was to be expected!!

    All in all, I thought SOUTHERN NIGHTS was a great look at some of the highlights of Elvis' spring tours of 1975. Perhaps this CD (along with SPRING TOURS '77) will set the stage for more of these type of "tour compilation" CD's from the FTD label, where complete shows might not be available, but some great individual performances exist on tape?? Personally, while I enjoy listening to complete shows, I think these type of "highlight" CD's are very enjoyable to listen to, and really give listeners a good feel for how Elvis' performances were during a particular tour, season, etc.


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    I like this CD very much,and I think it shows Elvis in a good way...really love his concerts in '75
    I'd like to go to Graceland

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    I personally enjoy this cd very much, mainly because it contains some recordings made right here in my backyard (Atlanta) , but mainly because all of the versions are strong and he's in wonderful vocal form.
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