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    hawaii 1961...

    Gone are all the jerky body movements that once earned Elvis presley the nickname of ``The Pelvis.`` Gona are all the actions that were dibbed vulgar by his critics. Presley`s stage performance is now retrained. But that did not stop 5,500 wildy-excited spectators at the Bloch Arena, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, from going outrageously wild with unreserved enthusiasm las t Saturday night.

    Never have I heard anything like it. Their enthusiasm was fever-pitch, and they were screaming non-stop from start to finish, making it impossible to identify some of the songs he sang.

    Whether he was talking, singing, raising his eyebrows, or just breathing, it was a signal for the volume of excitement to rise higher and higher throughout the fantastic concert.

    Hundreds of naval police at this US Navy fortress were detailed to restrain fanatical fans from invading the stage, and they were kept busy for the entire show.

    When Elvis appeared, his reception was so great he could not start for a full five minutes as his fans shouted themselves hoarse, whistled themselves breathless, everyone stamping in unison their unreserved acclaim for him.

    Presley wore a gold lame jacket, heavily sequined, and played his guitar for one number only. His programme included all his big disc hits, plus ``Such A Night``, once a top Johnnie Ray seller.

    But everything sounded alike as the pandemonium reigned. It was just like a tropical storm with thunder of noise accompanying the lightning as thousands of flash bulbs ignited by the army of photographers.

    Behind Elvis were his famous vocal group, The Jordanaires, and a fantastic instrumental group including guitarists Scotty Moore and Hank Garland, tenor sax man Boots Randolph, drummer D.J. Fontan and pianist Floyd Cramer, who recently scored a big solo hit in America with ``Last Date``, which got to No. 2 in the US charts, and he`s back in the US sellers with ``On The Rebound``, just released in Britain.

    Presley`s introductions were witty, but his performance seemed to be very much tongue-in-cheek, although he appeared at all times to be enjoying it.

    Surprisingly, Elvis did not include his current US hit, ``Surrender``, but featured his first-ever record for the Sun label called ``Somethin`Blues.`` The climax came when he closed with his all-out rocker, ``Hound Dog``, the signal for the greatest bout of unlimited pandemonium, many of the younger girls going completely beserk!

    Then came the trickiest part of all ``Operation Exit Elvis`` - to get Presley out of the building before the crowd could tear him apart from sheer adoration.

    This as executed with all the split-second timing of an army manoeuvre. taking no encores and no final bows, he departed with the speed of a sprinter, racing from stage to a fast car, already moving as the singer got in. The amazing get-away was reminiscent of scenes from gangster films after they have robbed a bank !

    The concert raised $60,000 for the Pearl Harbor War Memorial Fund. Presley and manager Tom Parker not only gave their valuable services free, but paid for all the supporting artists and purchased tickets themselves to the extent of $21,000.


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    What a Guy!!!

    Wow, he gave so much and then had to make a get away like a bank robber on the run. Who else but Elvis..... He has a heart of gold.
    Thanks for sharing

    Have a great day and thanks again for the great posts!!! Dovey

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