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Thread: another christmas without elvis.......

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    another christmas without elvis.......

    Christmas is coming soon
    It,s a dream of the year I look for
    But knowing you are not here
    I,ll remember you...........
    Santa please bring him back
    That,ll all Iwant from your pack
    I want him home for christmas
    But I know deep down you won,t
    Please Santa bring my baby back
    No elvis in Santa,s sack............

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    What drugs are you on?

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    What do you mean what drugs I,m on?! I didn,t expect an elvis fan to insult another fan because of her feelings for elvis!! What,s wrong with this poem?!! it just shows how much the writer misses elvis in christmas and I got it from this site:

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    Tell em honey!!!
    "Taking Care Of Business In A Flash!"

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    beautiful poem!

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    Yeah, yeah, this is almost 30 Christmases without Elvis. But then, apart from his close friends and family, he's NEVER spent his Christmases with any of us, personally.
    I myself am this year only interested in this being the first Christmas without MY dad.

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    I always wish Elvis was still with us, and I do miss him more on Christmas. I think its because he loved Christmas so much. And Cherokee im very sorry to hear about that, I hope your doing ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherokee
    I myself am this year only interested in this being the first Christmas without MY dad.
    Me too Cherokee. I found it really sad and hard (still) to believe, I miss my dad very much.

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by orwell1976
    What drugs are you on?
    Your response is

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