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Thread: high heel sneakers?

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    high heel sneakers?

    Season's Greetings!

    I hope you're all enjoying a very Merry Christmas! The weather in SF is very humid and unseasonably warm!

    I've been listening to High Heel Sneakers (?) -- I just LOVE it! When did Elvis record it? did he ever perform it live? I would love to see him do the "UH!" at various times in the song....

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    Love that song!!! Aspecially that version (only version I know actually) from the album "Reconsider Baby" when he sings it while having a cold!!!! Nasal, but soooo sexy!!!!

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    I love Hi-Heel Sneakers (Original Unedited Master)From " Elvis Nashville to Memphis". It is a great song and would love to hear this song played more often. Dovey

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    If my memory serves me correctly, Elvis recorded HIGH HEEL SNEAKERS in May, 1966.

    And as far as I know, Elvis never performed this song live...although it certainly would have been VERY COOL to hear him perform this one in concert!!!

    Hope this helps you out Cutiepie!!


    TCB-World...OPEN for business!!!

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    Oh, this song is one of my very favorites!!!

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    I always thought it was a great song, but then when I heard the complete, unedited take it just came so much more alive. It really cooks!!! Trimming it down in the first place was an absolute crime!!! And then there's the great alternative take - fresh and different and almost as good as the master. Great stuff!!!
    "The way you looked, the sound of your laughing..."

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    Actually HHS was recorded in Sept-67 at the session where Guitar Man and Big Boss Man were among other songs recorded.

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