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Thread: Having Flu On Stage - 1973 - Las Vegas

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    Having Flu On Stage - 1973 - Las Vegas

    having sat down and reminiscing about shows That Elvis performed in lLas Vegas , i sat down adn looked at various pics from magazines and saw one photo of Elvis wearing a jewelled jumpsuit from 1973 .

    it looks like this was taken by a fan at one of his stints at Vegas in 1973.,
    its a nice photo in color and Elvis looked great .

    just wanted to know if there was any footage taken from the show where Elvis had to leave the show due to flu symptoms .

    i believe that this took place in early 1973. cann any one help in answering this short question .
    are there any footage available from the 1973 las vegas shows available .- i surely would liketo know if there are any titles i need to look out for.,
    pl. let me know please .

    long live the king

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    Karlos, can you please share the picture with us? About his flu problems...this all happened in January and February 1973. He cancelled the midnight show on January 30th and both shows on January 31st. Also the midnight shows on February 13th, 14th and 15th. During the dinner show on the 15th he left the stage after singing just seven songs and asked the Stamps to take over. Five songs later Elvis reappeared and starts to sing "Can't Help Falling In Love". Then while the curtains already were closing Elvis refused to go and sang another five songs which contains "An American Trilogy" in which he changed the lyrics into "Oh I wish I was in the doctor's office....."

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    ...and during this engagement Elvis was in the doctor's office a lot!

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    Is this the time Elvis got the notorious Vegas throat that singers complained about when they played Vegas?

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    Yes, among other things.......

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