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Thread: Lisa Marie

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    Quote Originally Posted by TotallyInsane View Post
    No, actually it's called Don't Cry Daddy and she did on the 20th.
    This thread must have been fun at one point.

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    I've gone back and read some of these posts. It has been posted that Lisa Marie called her dads fans creep - but I think only part of what Lisa said was posted. She was talking about the fans that dress up in jumpsuits, sunglasses and come to her shows and stand in front of her while she's singing. Sorry folks, but I too find that creepy too. Can you imagine if you were trying to start a singing career and someone kept dressing up like your deceased mother and standing in front of the stage while you tried to sing? I would not enjoy that and I don't think she did either.

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    I'm of the older generation also and been a fan since I was 11. It is true that Lisa would probably not be a singer and in the limelight if Elvis had not been her father and she's never denied that. She is the one who has to live with all the good and bad that this brought to her and I think she does the best she can under the circumstances. Fans do tend to forget that he was HER father and that he belongs to her more than he does the fans.


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