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    Frankie And Johnny

    FRANKIE AND JOHNNY - Originally Released in 1966

    Tracklist: (click on the track to hear a 20 second sample) Help

    01: Frankie And Johnny
    02: Come Along
    03: Petunia, The Gardeners Daughter
    04: Chesay
    05: What Every Woman Lives For
    06: Look Out, Broadway
    07: Beginner's Luck
    08: Down By The Riverside/When The Saints Go Marching In
    09: Shout It Out
    10: Hard Luck
    11: Please Don't Stop Loving Me
    12: Everybody Come Aboard

    13: Frankie And Johnny - take 1
    14: Please Don't Stop Loving Me - take 10
    15: Everybody Come Aboard - takes 1 & 2
    16: Chesay - take 1
    17: Petunia, The Gardeners Daughter - take 2
    18: Look Out, Broadway - takes 3-5
    19: Please Don't Stop Loving Me - takes 1-3
    20: Shout It Out - takes 1-3
    21: Everybody Come Aboard takes 9 & 10
    22: Chesay - takes 3 & 6
    23: Look Out, Broadway - takes 6-8
    24: Petunia, The Gardeners Daughter - take 5
    25: Please Don't Stop Loving Me - take 7
    26: Frankie And Johnny takes 3 & 4
    27: Frankie And Johnny (Movie version - acetate)

    none yet, please submit
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    I had this one on vinyl back in '66 (in mono). I've always enjoyed the dixieland feel to many of the songs. I know that Ernst is trying to stick as closely as possible to the original masters for historical authenticity, but I really wish he would have made an exception in this case. The sound of the original album masters stinks and Ernst hasn't improved them to my ear.
    The alternates, however, are great! Original masters 2 stars. New alternates
    5 stars. Overall 3 stars.

    BTW: The original masters sound much better on the Double Features series.
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    Reviewing Frankie

    Frankie and Johnny

    The Content
    In my opinion this is one of the best soundtracks of the 60's. The reason being is because the music is much different then anything else Elvis had done. Probably the only soundtrack close to it would be King Creole, which is an awesome soundtrack, that is why I said one of the best of the 60's soundtracks. The music has that Jazz/Broadway feel that only New Orleans can bring.

    The Sound
    In my opinion the sound is better then the Double Features. His voice is clear and crisp. The music does not over power the vocals and the vocals does not over power the music which was known to happen because of RCA mixing. I remember the '66 vinal version when Elvis sang What Every Woman Lives For, Elvis' voice was to low to hear real clear, but now with this new improved version from FTD we can hear the song very well with Music and vocals mixed well together.

    The Songs
    All the outtakes have been released on imports with a lower quality in sound.

    Frankie and Johnny-Good tune with a great old fashion broadway sound to it with a bit of New Orleans flare. We get an early take and the movie version which not only sounds different, but we get to complete out Elvis collection.

    Come Along-A great opening cradit tune for the movie. Just a bit disappointing there isn't any outtakes of this song. Would of been interesting.

    Petunia the Gardener's Daughter-Cute broadway number. That includes a couple of outtakes.

    Chesay-A low point of the album, but still a fun song once you listen to it a few times. But at least we do get some outtakes of this song, even though it is not the greatest.

    What Every Woman Lives For-I know the women's lib do not like this song, but hey call me old fashion. I think it is a good underrated song that is not played often. Another disappointing moment with out any outtakes.

    Look Out Broadway-Another broadway tune that is alil bit lame.

    Beginners Luck-A sweet ballad without any outtakes

    Down by the Riverside/When the Saints Go Marching In-A cool gospel medley.

    Shout It Out-I have always liked this song. One of those toe tapping and hand slapping number with a nice brass backing song. Comes with some interesting outtakes that gives us more knowledge of how it would of been in the studio.

    Hard Luck-I love how Elvis sings the blues. And this one does not fail to deliver. Again we get no outtakes of this song. Too bad.

    Please Don't Stop Loving Me-A GREAT ballad. Very underrated song that would of been great to hear Elvis do live sometime. And we are treated with some cool outtakes.

    Everybody Come Aboard-A great closer for the movie as well as the album it self. Give us that I'll Be Back feel from Spinout. Included is some outtakes of this song also which gives us the inside scoop of the song.

    FTD has done it again with superb mixing and with a great booklet to match the set of the soundtrack re-releases with surprises. If you do not own this CD, you have to go and get it. If you a worried about it, just give it a try and listen to it a few times and it does grow on you. The songs are catchy and causes you to sing along. So Come Along and join us Elvis fans with Frankie and Johnny. You will be glad you did.

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    Good cd!!!

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