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    Michael Bubl

    Don't now if you know him.
    But I think he is a great singer.

    He sang Can't help falling in love (with allot respect for Elvis, "he said this in a interview")

    On his new album (Michael's brand new release "It's Time" will be in stores on February 8th!)

    Track Listings
    1. Feeling Good
    2. A Foggy Day (In London Town)
    3. You Don't Know Me
    4. Quando, Quando, Quando
    5. Home
    6. Can't Buy Me Love
    7. The More I See You
    8. Save The Last Dance For Me
    9. Try A Little Tenderness
    10. How Sweet It Is
    11. A Song For You
    12. I've Got You Under My Skin
    13. You And I
    14. Dream A Little Dream (Special Edition Only)
    15. Mack The Knife (Special Edition Only)

    As you can see he sings You don't Know Me.
    I hope he brings a good version.

    Give a try and lissen to him @

    His new single is "Home"

    Tell me what you think of him.


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    Hi Steve..

    I love Michael Buble "Kissing A Fool" he seems to sing alot of oldies .. and he did it very well

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    A bit of sexy voice...

    I like the way he sings. The video of Feeling good it's quite nice. He tries to move as Elvis used to do. Interesting.
    Let the stars fade and fall, and I won't care at all, as long as I have you.

    "You've got it all together like a lovin' machine
    You're lookin' like glory and walkin' like a dream...
    Mother nature's sure been good to Y-O-U"


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