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Thread: Excellent Article On Movie Songs

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    Excellent Article On Movie Songs

    This goes back to March, so some of you have probably read it already. But here we go:

    I stumbled on it after listening to "All I Needed Was The Rain" and wondering just who else cared for said-song. Five minutes after searching on Google and there was my answer.

    I'm so glad I read that article because it made me realise just how many GREAT movie songs Elvis did. "All I Needed Was The Rain" is a spectacular vocal, and as the author of that article noted, could have sustained an entire album if Elvis had only explored the strange bluesy/country hybrid sound a little further. Based on that article's recommendation, I then sought out "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" and was again struck by the power and delicacy of Elvis' vocal. Some of these movie songs rank - or should rank - amongst Elvis' finest work. I completely agree with the author: they need more exposure. Only then will the myth that every movie song stank and that Elvis recorded nothing of value in those sessions be well and truly eradicated.

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    Not a fan of Movie soundtracks at all, lots of crap there, Elvis hiself hatted most of them, but yes, it is true that among the dirt you can find some very very nice jewels here are some for me:

    In no particular order, in Red the ones that mach anything from his studio work, the others lets say are ok:

    Gi I Blues
    [Doing The best I Can
    Tonight SO RIght FOr love
    Pocket FUll of Rainbows
    Black Star (not flaming star)
    Summer Kisses Went to Tears
    Lonely Man (solo version) this so beatifull
    In My Way
    Cant Help Falling In Love
    Follow That Dream

    WHat a Wonderfull Life
    King Of THe Whole Wide WOrld (this could have been a No1 if released as a sngle)
    Whistling Tune
    Home Is WHere The heart Is
    Return To Sender (A must)

    They Remind Me TO Much of you
    If You THink I DOnt Need You
    I Need SOmebody to Lean On
    What I Say

    Little Wgypt
    Its a Wonderfull World
    Tender Feelling
    Catching On Fast

    Franky And Johnny
    Stop Look And Lisen
    All That I Am
    I WOnt Be long
    You GOtta Stop
    Shes a Machine
    Lets Your Self Go
    Who are You
    House THat HAs Everything
    THe GIrl I Never Loved
    How Can YOu Lose What You never had
    Stay Away
    All I needed Was the Rain
    Almost In Love
    A Little Less COnversation
    Clean Up Your Own BAck yard

    SWing DOwn Sweet CHarriot (I think this is better than the '60 version)
    Lets FOrget About the Stars
    CHange Of Habbit
    Let Us Pray

    Wel that was just an opinion, everyone has their own taste

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