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Thread: Whats up with KingsCourt?

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    Whats up with KingsCourt?

    Cannot get on to that site for days now. Is it just me? Or do others have the same problem? My computer is acting up lately, so I don't know..

    PS: I know to ask this question here .... is like cursing in church... but anyhoo!!!

    this is what I get:

    [IPB WARNING [2] load_template(e:\domains\t\\use r\htdocs\forums/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_9/skin_global.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory (Line: 1327 of \sources\ipsclass.php)

    There appears to be an error with the database.
    You can try to refresh the page by clicking here.

    Error Returned
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    i tried yesterday, i got same thing. i'l try again tonight and let you know
    sincerely, Scott, a 15 year old Elvis fan

    prayers to Jackie my auntie in law, and R.I.P Charlie Hodge, both victims of cancer

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    I,ve been having the same problem for the last 4 days.
    Let's hope it's soon fixed.

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    It looks like it could be a very bad problem with the server we use for our forum, things will be good again real soon i hope

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    I'm getting the same error as you Corrie.

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    I'm sure they will solve the problem with the server asap

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    The forum is back now

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